Expert interpretation of the “14th Five-year Plan” for the Development of Women and Children in Tianjin: Focusing on women’s health throughout the life cycle

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Women’s health directly affects the health level of families and the whole society, and is an important part of realizing the healthy Tianjin Strategy.After the “14th Five-year Plan for women and Children development in Tianjin” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) was issued, Dong Wei, chief physician of the Department of Guidance for Women and Children’s Health Care of Tianjin Women and Children’s Health Care Center, made an expert interpretation of the “Plan” on women and health.Dong Wei said, “the plan” pay more attention to whole life cycle of women enjoy high quality health care services, extended from women’s life expectancy per capita, further reducing maternal mortality, improve the level of women’s reproductive health, focus on women’s mental health and enhance the level of the women’s health literacy, etc., puts forward the 10 main goal and 12 strategy measures.Among them, the Plan lists “women enjoy good health services throughout their life cycle, women’s average life expectancy has increased, and the average healthy life expectancy has steadily increased” as the primary goal of women’s health.”For the realization of the goals and objectives, tianjin should constantly improve maternal and child health service system, to provide capital security, promote the building of ‘health in tianjin, in women at different stages of life to provide comprehensive, high quality, affordable health management and health care services, a particular focus on maternal, the specific requirements of the female health workers and other key crowd, solve women’s health problems,We will improve women’s health and average healthy life expectancy, in line with the new requirements for women’s health in the new era and women’s new expectations for a better life.”Dong Wei said.In the past ten years, tianjin municipal government has issued a series of strategies and measures to realize the comprehensive information management of maternal and child health care, and established a long-term mechanism for the safety of maternal and child care, which has kept the registered maternal mortality rate in Tianjin under the control of 10/100,000.According to Dong, scientific pregnancy preparation and age-appropriate pregnancy initiatives have been put forward in the plan in view of the increasing number of elderly pregnant women in the city.In order to ensure the safety of pregnant women, the rate of systematic management of pregnant women should reach more than 90%.At the same time, the system of screening and assessing pregnancy risks, project management of high-risk cases, treatment of critical and severe cases, and reporting of maternal deaths by interview and notification has been fully implemented.We will pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases in pregnant women, and further reduce mother-to-child transmission of AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis B.We will strengthen the network for treating critically ill pregnant women and raise the success rate of critical and severe treatment.Cervical cancer and breast cancer are malignant diseases that seriously affect women’s health. By increasing the rate of early diagnosis and treatment of these two cancers, the mortality rate of women can be reduced.The plan clearly sets the goal of raising women’s awareness of the prevention and treatment of “two cancers”, continuously enhancing the prevention and treatment ability of “two cancers”, and gradually increasing the screening rate of cervical cancer among women of appropriate age to over 70% and breast cancer screening rate among women.To meet the target, women should improve their awareness and ability to prevent and control cervical and breast cancer, explore ways to promote human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination, ensure funding for cervical and breast cancer screening, and implement the policy of including cervical and breast cancer screening for rural women of appropriate age into basic public health services, Dong said.To implement cervical cancer and breast cancer relief projects for low-income women, strengthen the innovative application of screening and diagnosis technologies for “two cancers”, explore suitable screening methods and strategies for our city, improve the tracking management of positive screening patients, and promote early diagnosis and early treatment.It is understood that with the adjustment of China’s fertility policy, the connotation of women’s reproductive health is also changing.Reproductive tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and repeated artificial abortions not only have a major impact on the health of pregnant women and newborns, but also increase the incidence of infertility and affect women’s physical and mental health.Therefore, “planning” attaches great importance to the reproductive health and universal access to knowledge of eugenic and superior nurture, emphasizes the promoting health conception, reduce an unwanted pregnancy, advocate the men and women to enhance sexual morality, sexual health, safety consciousness, to carry out the basic contraception services and postnatal and contraception services after miscarriage, guiding women choose effective contraception,To reduce the physical, mental and gestational impact of unwanted pregnancies on women.In addition, the plan stresses the need to standardize infertility diagnosis and treatment services and the application of human assisted reproductive technology.In addition to caring for women’s physical health, women’s mental health literacy is also an important part of women’s health, dong said, adding that women are prone to psychological problems at special stages of life development, such as adolescence, pregnancy and menopause.Issued the “planning” is very concerned about women’s mental health and put forward the open women’s access to mental health information channels, strengthening women’s psychological problems early detection and intervention, support community structures, psychological service platform, intensify cultivating application-oriented mental health professionals, mental health diagnosis and counseling service and the specification,Reduce the rising prevalence of anxiety disorders and depression in women.In addition, the planning is put forward to develop the propaganda and education of health and nutrition knowledge, Dong Wei said, should give full play to the role of the “Internet +”, mother and child health handbook in tianjin, tianjin fu palm pilot WeChat applet, maternal and child health care institutions WeChat public platform, such as, popularize health knowledge, improve the proportion of women to participate in regular physical exercise, starting from the concept of prevention first,The whole society should work together to further improve women’s healthy living standards.