Cats are beaten by their owners do not resist, in fact, because of these points, you do not understand

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I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an owner hit a cat?A lot of times, cats are beaten by their owners, are not resistance, why?In fact, because of these several reasons, read really let a person feel sad!For a cat, the owner is a “giant”, and when the owner hits it, it is often armed.The cat knows that the force value between himself and his master is very different, and he can’t beat his master and escape, so he simply does not resist and does not run away. No matter how he tries to do it, it is “useless” and will be beaten up in the end.It’s really sad to see such a small, poor cat.2. Why don’t cats fight back when their owners beat them?Because when the owner is beating and scolding the cat, it is usually quite angry, with great anger, the cat feels the owner’s irritable mood, it feels that if they resist, they will only provoke the owner, and then attract more terrible beating.3, have been used to be beaten some pet owners especially violent, usually always beat and scold the cat.Cats live in such an environment for a long time, it has been used to being beaten and scolded.So it won’t fight back. After all, it’s like eating three meals a day.Some cats even don’t know that they can fight back when beaten.Such a cat, is how much abuse, really let a person distressed, sad.When a cat is beaten by its owner, it does not resist, because it knows it can not beat you, so at this time, they may be thinking of how to retaliate against you.After all, revenge is never too late. When it finds an opportunity, it will retaliate against you, most commonly by demolishing your home or defecating on your bed.When a cat is beaten or not resisted by its owner, it is actually plotting to retaliate against you, you don’t understand!5. It already knows it’s wrong. Cats are smart and intelligent, and sometimes when they do something, they may quickly realize their mistakes and feel guilty and overwhelmed.So when the owner found it wrong, beat it, the cat will never resist, and will only feel sorry for the owner.If the cat already knows it is wrong, the pet owner should stop beating and scolding it.And a lot of times, hitting and abusing your cat will only drive you further apart.Pet owners can guide and educate their cats about things they don’t want their cats to do with snacks, so that their cats won’t often make mistakes.6, afraid of the master will not give it food cat is a very smart animal, it knows that they can have food and clothing, all because of the master, the master gives it enough food every day, for the cat, the master is its food and clothing parents.When a cat is beaten by its owner, it does not resist because it is afraid that its owner will no longer give it food and it will have to live a hungry life.Cats in order to fill their stomachs, silently endure the owner’s abuse, I have to say, really sad.Cats are very persistent about food, and they are afraid of having nothing to eat. If they do not eat regularly for a long time, they will not only worry about gains and losses, but also damage the health of their intestines and stomach.Therefore, when raising a cat, it is best for pet owners to do regular feeding, which can improve the happiness of the cat, but also can let it form a good digestive system.Conclusion: Have you ever spanked your cat?Feel free to share your thoughts on cat beating in the comments section