Winter wild fishing can float?4 fishing tips to help you quickly find the fish nest

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Some anglers like to fish in ponds or reservoirs, but where do the fish in ponds and reservoirs like to stay? Which places are more suitable for us to fish?Here are a few tips about wild fishing for you, hoping to help you quickly find fish spots.1, Square pond fishing four corners.When we usually go outdoor fishing, if we come across a square or rectangular pond, if there are grass and branches around the pond, and there are gullies and rocks on the bottom, then these locations are easier to gather fish, we can choose these locations for fishing first.But if it is only a square or rectangular pond, and there are no weeds around it, or obstacles such as gullies and rocks, then we can choose to fish near the four diagonals of the pond.In the position near these diagonal lines, fish usually have more natural food, and general fish like to nest and forage in these positions, so we choose to nest and fish in these positions, generally there will be good harvest.Round pond fishing in the middle.If we find a pond that is round in shape, like a pot, shallow around and deep in the middle, we can fish in the middle of the pond.Because of the steep sides of the pond, the water is basically bare, and it is impossible for fish to gather in the shallow waters near the shore.In the middle of the pond, the water level is generally deep and the slope is gentle, which is suitable for most fish gathering.Therefore, in these round ponds, we fish only in the middle of the deep water.Reservoir fishing reservoir tail.If we fish wild in some large deep water reservoirs, we can choose to fish at the end of the reservoir.Why not fish at the dam head of the reservoir instead of at the tail?Because the water level of the reservoir tail is relatively shallow, and the surrounding water grass will be especially much, there are more concave bends around the reservoir tail, and the protruding bottom tip, there are more fish will swim to these places to make nests and forage.Of course, it is possible to fish in the deep water areas of the reservoirs and DAMS, but the water level in these areas is usually too deep for table fishing.Mud fishing grass edge.In the bottom of some mud ponds, the mud, sauce layer will be particularly thick, in general position fishing basically no fish mouth.And the surrounding water plants, the dissolved oxygen in the water is generally higher, fish will also swim to these areas to rest and feed.Therefore, if we are in some thick mud pond wild fishing, it is advisable to choose around the pond more water grass position fishing.02 Winter Wild Fishing Bottom or Float Fishing Winter fishing bottom or float fishing?I believe that most anglers are fishing bottom, no matter it is far, deep fishing, or fishing near, shallow fishing is generally recommended fishing bottom.Since the temperature is lower in the morning and evening in winter, the temperature difference between day and night is smaller than at night, so we should really fish bottom in the morning and evening.But on sunny days in winter, when the shallows heat up faster, fish can be caught, but only by small individuals.Because the individual of small fish is relatively small, it can adapt to the temperature change quickly.It is true that the temperature is higher in the leeward and sunny part of the shallow water. However, some larger fish cannot adjust their body temperature so fast because of their larger size. Especially in the case of large temperature difference between day and night, it is very difficult to adapt.As a result, most of the larger fish are more or less in the middle of the water, or near the bottom, rather than completely at the bottom.So on a sunny winter day, whether we nest or not, the fish generally don’t get to the bottom.The fish in the water are either passing fish or half-floating fish.Therefore, if we fish at the bottom now, the fish in half water will not eat the nest food, how will they eat the bait at the bottom?Fish is not in the end, so we fishing bottom will not play any role, so can only choose to fish float properly.To sum up, the above “square pond fishing four corners”, “round pond fishing in the middle”, “reservoir fishing reservoir tail”, “mud pond fishing grass edge” and other four words about fishing tips have their profound meaning, is the elder fisherman some wild fishing experience summary.If we can understand the meaning correctly, it will be very helpful for us to go out wild fishing in the future.Winter wild fishing, for the most part, we generally choose bottom fishing.But on sunny days in winter, because the fish are generally not in the bottom, so we can choose the appropriate fishing float.Fishing without law, without which a kind of fishing law can suit all water situation and fish situation, only suit to make fishing at that time water situation, fish situation fishing law is the best fishing method.I am a fisherman with fish, I wish you a happy New Year, big crucian carp, we see you next time!For more exciting content, come to the attention of the fisherman you fish