The “epidemic road camel team”, which travels hundreds of kilometers every day, allows comrades to devote themselves to fighting the epidemic without worrying

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March 15 news (Correspondent Qi Lin Xin reporter Lu Yanrong) “the army and horses are not moving, grain and grass first”, which is to guarantee work.In epidemic prevention and control, huangdao Public Security Sub-Bureau has a special team, namely the logistics support team composed mainly of police officers in the police support room, which is called “Epidemic Road Camel Team”.It is this “epidemic road camel team” that provides logistics support every day and lets the personnel on duty devote themselves to epidemic prevention and control.”Epidemic road camel team” members include police security room police Li Xiangshi, Wang Chunliang and public security special brigade auxiliary police Wang Tiande.Li Xiangshi is the captain, but also a “big butler”, the personnel on duty drinking water, meals, epidemic prevention supplies distribution, everything he had to deal with.”If there is no dinner group, hurry up and send someone downstairs to get it. Pay attention to personal protection…”In the wechat group, Li Xiangshi is the most spoken, whether in the morning, noon or evening, we will see his notice every day to get supplies of information, each time also did not forget to remind everyone to do a good job of protection.Huangdao Public Security branch officers in the line distribution to a number of duty points, far away from each other, in order to ensure that the duty officers eat hot meals, wear protective equipment, Li Xiangshi every day with the team to drive back and forth between duty points, the journey of more than 300 kilometers.When the roads aren’t familiar, they navigate, and where cars can’t, they walk on their feet.In Li Xiangshi’s body, comrades saw his selfless dedication of the “ox” spirit.Police support room Wang Chunliang has been 55 years old, his father due to cerebral thrombosis inconvenient movement, currently in hospital because of illness, the two old people need to take care of.When the order of epidemic prevention and control was issued, Wang Chunliang overcame the difficulties at home and resolutely rushed to the front line to participate in logistics support work.Wang Chunliang is mainly responsible for material statistics. In view of the actual situation of miscellaneous and large quantities of various materials, he insists on rigorous work style and innovated working ideas, set up standardized temporary material storage, established and improved material storage ledger and material distribution ledger, and made the distribution of materials and inventory quantity consistent with the number of items.The materials and equipment distributed by the superior were put into storage one by one, and then distributed to each working group scientifically and reasonably through the careful deployment of Wang Chunliang, so that the efficiency of various materials was maximized.Under Wang Chunliang’s efforts, logistics work is in good order, in his body, comrades see good at innovation and development of the “pioneer ox” spirit.Wang Tiande, an auxiliary police officer of the public security Special brigade, was the youngest among the members of the “epidemic road camel team”. After receiving the notification of epidemic prevention and control, he did not have time to tell his family and took his personal belongings with him, so he was busy with the transport and distribution of epidemic prevention materials.At 5 am every day, no matter how late he had lain down to rest the previous night, Wang Tiande would get up early to participate in the preparations for the day’s delivery of supplies.When carrying materials, Wang Tiande always took the initiative to carry more, one trip after another, never tired.Working as both a driver and a porter, Wang tiande was busy transporting supplies during the day, and at night, he took on a patrol shift, but he never complained.Although Wang Tiande is young, he works hard and does not complain. Comrades see the spirit of “old cattle” in him.The prevention and control of the epidemic is a big test. Only by working together and overcoming difficulties can we overcome the epidemic.In the prevention and control of the epidemic, the auxiliary police of the Huangdao Public Security Sub-bureau are not afraid of hardship and are willing to make sacrifices. To protect the lives, health and safety of the people, everyone sticks to their posts and believes that with the spirit of unity, we will eventually defeat the epidemic.[url = http://pengpeng]