Tea picking workers blocked from returning home zhou Kou traffic police to help them home

2022-06-01 0 By

On April 6, zhoukou highway traffic police rescued 26 migrant workers who came back from picking tea in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, during their patrol, which eliminated potential traffic safety hazards and avoided traffic accidents.The mid-afternoon, zhoukou city public security bureau traffic management team the seven brigade police on duty kai-wei wang got a call from police xihua services manager, said there were 26 returned from the zhejiang tea plucking west from migrant workers, is a license plate and K bus and a direction of tianjin C plate bus in zhengzhou xihua service area, to help police to help with,Prevent accidents.After receiving the alarm call, Wang Kaiwei led auxiliary police Chai Yuanlong, Liu Ziteng quickly arrived at the scene.After the inquiry, we learned that because of the epidemic, the bus drivers with yu K license plate and Tianjin C license plate put the tea picking workers in the service area, and let them contact their families to pick them up or let them find their own way home.Wang Kaiwei understand the situation immediately after the TIANJIN C license plate bus driver irresponsible behavior of a severe criticism of education, and the Yu K license plate bus driver behavior feedback to the traffic law enforcement department for further investigation.At present, the epidemic prevention and control in Zhoukou city has entered a critical moment, and we must not be careless.After examination, the 26 tea picking workers all had nucleic acid negative certificates within 48 hours. Wang immediately contacted the Xihua County epidemic prevention and control headquarters for active communication and coordination.The Xihua County epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters notified the epidemic prevention and control departments of each township according to the situation. Finally, each township sent vehicles to take the tea picking workers back to their township in batches at xihua Toll station and Xihua service area, and took measures such as home isolation or designated isolation according to the situation to ensure the elimination of epidemic prevention and control risks.When they left, the 68-year-old woman said to the police: “If it hadn’t been for the traffic police comrades, I don’t know when I would have been able to return home. Thank you for your help.”High speed traffic police remind: As the epidemic situation in Zhoukou city is in constant change recently, please check the relevant policies carefully or consult the latest local policies by phone before going out or returning home, in case of inconvenience.