Strictly abide by the bottom line of quality, Yashili International diligent internal work forging “world quality”

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A jar of milk, the future of a nation.At present, the national trust in domestic milk powder is increasing, and the market share of domestic milk powder is steadily increasing. Behind the good performance is the country’s attention to the dairy industry.In recent years, the state has issued a number of policies including “Opinions on Promoting the Revitalization of dairy Industry and Ensuring the Quality and Safety of Dairy Products”, and invested a series of real money to subsidize the dairy market, prompting the dairy industry to carry out comprehensive rectification from the top-level design, milk source safety, whole product chain quality control, industrial upgrading and other aspects.The country, industry and enterprises all take a firm attitude of “zero tolerance” to protect the quality and safety of dairy products from top to bottom.Today, standing at the starting point of the revitalization of Chinese milk enterprises, Chinese milk enterprises fully interpreted a strong counterattack.With Yashili International as the representative of Chinese dairy enterprises, with the firm attitude of “quality person of all staff”, to achieve the high quality level of 100% sampling qualified rate, the “milk bottle” of Chinese babies firmly in their hands.What are Chinese dairy companies doing right?Is with what usher in the rise of domestic milk powder?Let’s take Yashili International as an example to see how Chinese dairy enterprises complete the market with world quality.Dairy industry is an indispensable industry for a strong nation and healthy people, as well as a representative industry for food safety.In recent years, under the strict control of the “four strictest” in China: the strictest source, the strictest process, the strictest product inspection and the strictest risk control, the food safety level of the dairy industry is increasing day by day, and the qualified rate of sampling inspection has been over 99% for four consecutive years, higher than the international standard.The recovery of dairy quality has laid a solid foundation for the revitalization of Chinese dairy enterprises.The head of Yashili international thinks that the quality of dairy products is the cornerstone of winning the battle against consumers.Enterprises should do layers of checks, through scientific quality management methods, establish and improve the quality process system, to achieve “from grass to table” of the whole industry chain of quality control.Based on this, Yashili international innovation to establish the “4Q” management system, namely quality planning (QP), quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA), quality support (QS), for the whole staff quality management behavior to provide the basis.The iteration of 4Q quality management system is an important milestone of yashili international quality management level improvement, and also a big step forward of domestic dairy quality management.Yashili international put forward the “4Q quality management system”, the main premise is in the comprehensive understanding of consumer demand, integration of international standards and global practice, to achieve the quality control of the whole industry chain from suppliers to consumers.In fact, since the middle of February, yashili international’s senior management team has gone deep into first-tier markets nationwide, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, street stores, community milk stations and other sales points for survey and research.”The key to a good product is to have a consumer’s perspective, understand the pain points and needs of consumers, so that consumers are interested in us and assured about us.In the future, we will continue to conduct front-line market research and survey, and listen to the voice of consumers.”Yashili international concerned person in charge said.Based on fully understand consumers, on the basis of “4 q” quality management system, peirce LiGuoJi according to different production implementation of specific measures for the administration of quality and process management and milk management, supply management, production management and circulation management, and other links, to achieve “from grass to table” the whole industry chain of qc, do every drop of milk product safety and quality,Let consumers drink at ease.In addition, in order to further strengthen the quality control of dairy products, Yashili International has completed the construction of visual monitoring system for many domestic factories in the middle of March.The monitoring system covers hand washing and disinfection, storage of raw and auxiliary materials, internal packaging, storage of semi-finished products, storage of finished products and other processes, and can realize real-time on-demand and historical playback, effectively reduce food risks.With the introduction of visual system, yashili International to achieve the whole industrial chain of quality control to add an important chip.02 “World Quality” strategy based on international standards In addition to getting through the whole process of all-round quality control, Chinese dairy enterprises also achieve market expansion by pursuing higher quality in accordance with international standards.Take Yashili International as an example, this old Chinese brand with a history of more than 30 years, took the initiative to launch the “world quality” strategy, to the world’s most stringent standards, the full launch of the EU standard upgrade.”In 2021, our ‘Eu Benchmarking project’ has made a breakthrough. The project has upgraded and supplemented 114 raw material indicators and 38 product indicators, and the main quality has met the REQUIREMENTS of eu standards.”Yashili international concerned person in charge said.A product manager of Yashili international was deeply impressed by this “upgrade battle” of standards. As a senior member of Yashili International, she knew the value of the upgrade of standards to Yashili.”More than 100 sleepless, our team has completed more than 5700 indicators, collect and analyze the main food laws, regulations, directives and standards, involving the inorganic pollutants, organic contamination, pesticide residues, mycotoxins such regulations and instructions, eventually help the group completed the baby with the national food safety standards and eu standards gap analysis.”Thanks to group up and down together, peirce LiGuoJi completed many sets of data in a short time and regulations, according to eu standards, based on production process, formula and supplier history data, determine the raw materials, production process and production process using auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products control scheme, effective guarantee product quality,And successfully obtained by the international authoritative certification agency SGS infant formula food eu standard evaluation certification of product certification, become the first domestic products won the food EU standard evaluation certification of infant powder milk powder enterprise.In order to further implement the “world quality” strategy, yashili International in 2021, on the basis of the original ISOISO9001,HACCP certification, the introduction of SQF (Safety and quality food) standards.After half a year of quality standard learning and operation, Yashili international and domestic 4 factories have successfully passed the high-level quality standard certification.It is worth mentioning that Yashili international Chaozhou factory also obtained FSSC22000 certificate, which adds an important guarantee for product quality.So far, yashili international and domestic factories have all passed THE SQF and FSSC22000 certifications recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), providing strong support for the implementation of yashili International’s “world quality”.At present, yashili international’s “world quality” strategy has become an effective engine for its performance and reputation growth.In recent years, Yashili International has achieved a good score of 100% passing in various food safety supervision and sampling inspections carried out by the market supervision department, and the market performance has also shown a good growth curve.It can be seen that The Chinese milk enterprises to win the market, is just around the corner.”Inside us, we want everyone to strive to be a quality person, everyone to become a quality person, to achieve quality management.”Yashili international concerned person in charge said.Generally speaking, the quality manager acts as a “traffic cop” and tries every means to guide people to comply with “quality regulations”.Yan Zhiyuan, executive president of Yashili International Group, has said that the company will take consumer first as the main body, carry out the ‘315N’, to create a comprehensive “quality standard, quality standard, experience standard”.”315N” is essentially to influence the quality culture to every consumer and every employee of the group through various activities, so that employees and consumers can identify with yashili international’s quality concept, quality goal and quality standard.”3″ refers to strengthening communication and dialogue with consumers through three major activities;”1″ means to comprehensively improve quality cultural awareness through cultural learning, while “5” means to consolidate the world quality foundation in five aspects: quality audit, process business sorting, OEM quality control, quality activities, quality innovation and improvement.In addition, the group also called on the affairs department to carry out N independent activities to deeply integrate culture and business.With the opportunity of the 315 Consumer Rights Day, Yashili international launched a number of quality culture publicity.On March 15th, Shanxi factory held the conference of “Witness world quality with consumers” to emphasize the importance of product quality again.On the same day, the quality and safety responsibility certificate of 2022 was signed with the heads of all departments of Lin Factory, and all the employees of the factory signed the guarantee of “quality, I promise” online.It is worth noting that Helin factory, which was built in 2008, is one of the representative factories of Yashili International. Helin factory has made many process improvements in improving product quality and preserving milk powder nutrition.In the production of TVR multi-effect vacuum falling-film evaporator, flash evaporation equipment, DSI steam direct injection sterilization and other processes, maximize the use of heat, reduce the product thermal load time and temperature, to achieve effective sterilization while trying to retain the activity of nutrients.In addition, helin factory adopts the MSD multi-stage drying process of international advanced infant formula milk powder in the process of spray drying, so as to retain the activity of nutrients as much as possible, and at the same time retain the reductive solubility of milk powder, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients by human body.This once again reflects yashili international all staff in the dairy “world quality” on the pursuit.Within the group, Yashili International continues to carry out quality and quality culture as the theme of laws and regulations training, knowledge competition and other activities, so that the concept of quality and safety more deeply rooted in the people.”Our goal is to let everyone in the group understand quality, do quality and manage quality.By doing practical things, let the quality culture influence every consumer, so that consumers recognize our world quality.”Yan zhiyuan said.Chinese dairy enterprises are facing the best development period in history. As the leader of national dairy enterprises, Yashili International knows that to regain consumer confidence, dairy quality is the soul of everything.In the future, Yashili international will adhere to the corporate values of “consumers first, first, first”, and make the world see the firm pursuit of quality of Chinese dairy enterprises with the care of building “whole industrial chain quality control”, the confidence of building “world quality” products and the determination of realizing “all staff quality people”.