Staying home for Spring Festival?How about taking the kids to the carnival?

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Dear visitors, welcome to Bai Xiangxiang Amusement Park. In addition to roller coaster, ferris wheel and other basic amusement facilities, the amusement park also holds mysterious carnival activities to eat, look, Bai Xiangxiang → sing next door play Cang Gak Bik XI indirect dialogue · Sit on a seessaw shu 'Cang Dhok Jiak Xi is a metaphor for working alone.· Play piano Dhe Jhin love chess pieces Zak Jhi zy strategize · watch peepshow koe 'Xi Yhan Jin watch the fun editor: Liu Minyue audio: synthesis (dubbing: Qian Cheng) material: Shanghai Dialect dictionary (compiled by Qian Narong) consultant: Ding Demeng drawing: Jin Keyang, Liu Minyue