In the face of criticism, Yao Ming liu Xiang easily look at the light, Feng Xiaoting glass heart, men’s football talk about how to respect

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Chinese football is not a lack of topic, recently Feng Xiaoting with detonating network war football hanlin gong, “feng gong war” is to help Chinese football is not on the new definition of the wall, and the mouth of the Feng Xiaoting hydrology is caused a lot of fans, think glass heart, the Chinese football level, no result, completely does not deserve any respect.In competitive sports, performance is everything, and there is no respect if there is no performance, let alone the annual salary of Chinese men’s football players of millions or tens of millions. Their level and performance are totally unworthy of this salary, and let alone the market decision and investors’ willingness to pay. This is a paradox, fans only want the national team to achieve good results.Now have not achieved good results, but also do not let the fans say, got a high salary, but also want to survive in the praise, where in the world such a good thing?Therefore, the ridicule about the men’s football players will not stop because of Feng Xiaoting’s mouth hydrological, but will inspire more people into the brigade, the men’s football players should do is to train well, with the results to prove themselves.Feng xiaoting’s speech is really not emotional intelligence, very naive, very low-end boring, because in The Chinese sports world, there are many sports and athletes are criticized by netizens for nothing, but what do they do?Perhaps Chinese men’s soccer players, especially Feng Xiaoting, should learn from these emotionally intelligent athletes.Yao Ming used to scold a lot of Chinese men’s basketball players on the Internet, as the biggest star of men’s basketball Yao Ming how to view this thing?He said in an interview: Do you fight like this, don’t others say?The only way you can turn that around is to play well.Men’s 110 meters hurdles, Liu Xiang 12 seconds 88 seconds set a world record to win the Olympic champion, this is the Pride of Asian, yellow race, Chinese people, but in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang injury retired.After years of ridicule and abuse on the Internet, countless netizens started a topic “Owe Liu Xiang an apology”. Liu Xiang talked about the apology topic in an interview, he said quietly, “There is no need for everyone to (apologize), maybe I think you grow up, people will grow up.”Li Weifeng, the former captain of the National football team, also talked about the media fans’ abuse and criticism of the men’s football team. He was also very modest. The Chinese football industry does not need to defend anything.What we need to do is quietly listen to other people’s advice, humbly do this industry well!”Li Yi, another former national team member of The Chinese men’s Football team, is also very calm about feng gong’s battle, and did not stand on Feng Xiaoting’s side. “Since ancient times, the winner is king, and the loser is the kou.The only way to make your industry respected is to make it better!”After talking about the two men’s football players, let’s talk about the women’s football team, from the disastrous defeat in the Olympic Games to the victory in the Asian Cup. I believe that no one can have such ups and downs as the women’s football players. It was the central defender Wang Xiaoxue who was cursed at the Olympic Games.Sinners when it comes to the Olympics, she said: “the competitive sports have lose to win, win, think you are very good, lost the criticism, say you what all not, is very normal, kua I, of course I will be happy, but I still can motivate yourself”, when it comes to the hero of the Asian cup, she said “really nothing, this is a player should do, who will be in that position so choose!”