“I spend 1,000 yuan in three days. I’m not an ATM.

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Nowadays, many parents save money for themselves, but they are generous to their children, especially stay-at-home mothers, who devote all their energy and love to their children.But this will not only affect the couple’s relationship, it is also detrimental to the children’s education.Xiao Zhang quit her job after she had a baby and devoted herself to taking care of her children at home.This means that all the expenses of a family of three have to rely on her husband to make money, which is naturally not a small pressure on her husband.Zhang’s husband gives her 3,000 yuan every month, which is enough to cover their daily living expenses in the county where they live.In addition, Xiao Zhang is also good at living at home. Sometimes she can even save a little money at the end of the month, which her husband is pleased about.But recently, xiao Zhang not only could not save money, but also asked her husband for money for several days.Originally working very hard outside, seeing his wife so ignorant of saving, the husband could not help asking Zhang, “Only spend 1000 yuan in 3 days, I am not a cash machine?”A word let xiao Zhang feel very aggrieved, directly dropped tears.She did not spend the money on herself, but because the child took a fancy to a toy and was crying to buy it. Xiao Zhang could not persuade the child, so she had to ask her husband for money.Perhaps stay-at-home moms dote on their children because they have only children left in their lives.As soon as the baby starts crying, they lose their sense of proportion and don’t know what to do.At the end of the day, no matter what your child asks for, it’s a very wrong way to say yes.How should Parents educate their children?1, refuse to spoil children now many children are the little princess of the family, little prince, whether the only child family or two-child family, the child is the parents’ favorite.But this kind of love must be principled, there is a bottom line, parents must not spoil their children, not to their children’s demand, otherwise it is easy to let the children become selfish and capricious, or even lose the right and wrong view.Parents can love their children, but they need to refuse to spoil their children. If they are really good for their children, then they should grasp the scale of love and give their children real love.Some parents use their authority to bully their children when they don’t behave the way they want them to.Such as scolding children and even using violence against them.But such a way of education will only make children become more and more disgusted and rebellious, and over time they will stand in opposition to their parents, and parents everywhere.As a parent, learn to understand and respect your children, and guide them to behave in a positive way.Only in this way can the child be more willing to accept and make changes from the heart.Lead by example Parents are the mirror of their children, their words and deeds will influence their children virtually.But many parents are strict with their children, but never regulate their own behavior.This will only bring negative influence to the child in the invisible, let the child in their imperceptible under the wrong behavior.If parents want their children to be excellent, they must standardize their own behavior so that they can set the right example for their children.Because example is far more effective than words, but many parents use the wrong method.For more exciting content, follow ten Ann’s mother loves reading