Back in the lineup to live up to expectations!Fultz gets his cic back!Magic backcourt cornerstone already in the lineup

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Talent never lies. Even if a player has been out for a long time due to injury, he will show his talent as soon as he plays.Fultz is the epitomy of talent, and expectations are high for him, even after a strange illness and a major injury last season.Fultz did not disappoint those who supported him, and this season he has fully demonstrated his talent and found his touch.Fultz went 16-6 in his first start in Orlando’s win over Cleveland, missing four of his 12 shots, and was efficient.Fultz is averaging nearly 11+3+5 in just 19 minutes per game and shooting 47 percent from the field this season.You can’t watch Fultz without feeling fluent. He has a unique creativity.He plays like no one else. Fultz can do some difficult moves that some players might not do once in their lives.This article takes Fultz’s CIC as an example.Midrange shooting is an important offensive means for Fultz. In college, he shot like McGrady, with a big jump and a high release point.It all depends on his touch. Fultz’s 3-point shooting is not what it used to be, but his shooting is basically what it used to be about 8-90%.His midrange is so fluid, fultz has been firing from midrange in his last few games, and opponents have been unable to defend him.Fultz, for example, would dribble away from his opponent’s center of gravity and then go to the floor for a shot that centers couldn’t stop.Fultz’s step-back midrange, turn-and-turn midrange is also smooth, can hit and full of beauty.Fultz’s shots are mostly dribbling, mostly against defense.This is his first step back to feel, since the cic has been out of practice, three points can be far?If Fultz can get back to 3-pointers combined with his physical talent and creativity, 20 points per game is not a dream.Back in the lineup, Fultz had a great game to prove it.Fultz has made a difference this season whether he starts or comes off the bench.His talent is really special. Even if you don’t watch basketball, you will find that this 1.9-meter guard has a different style of play.Fultz was badly injured, but one thing was overlooked.He is only 23 years old and still has a lot of development ahead of him.He is averaging double figures in scoring in less than 20 minutes per game this season.Orlando’s front office should understand that Fultz is the real playmaker, and Anthony and Suggs are far less talented than Fultz.Rather than waste some time on those two, establish Fultz as the center early, give him unlimited firing power and let him hone his offensive skills as soon as possible.The last point of the article is that not many guards have been selected as the no. 1 overall pick in the NBA for a long time.Fultz’s ability to beat Lonzo Ball and Tatum to the No. 1 overall pick in 2017 has to be exceptional.Not surprisingly, Fultz will play to prove his talent, because he is a competitive player who will never give up.It’s rare for a young player to have the mental strength to come back from a strange illness and a major injury and play well.Readers, do you think Fultz will ever be able to type?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below.