Two provincial beautiful rivers and lakes in Jiangshan are waiting for you to clock in

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✎ share with you all the information | brings you a different kind of jiangshan lunar New Year holiday last two days left in the worship of the finished almost all should worship?It is better to avoid the crowd, bring relatives and friends to the newly released provincial beautiful rivers and lakes to check in 2021, 11 rivers and lakes in Quzhou have been determined as the beautiful rivers and lakes in Zhejiang Province in 2021 after self-evaluation at the county level, acceptance at the city level and spot check at the provincial level.It also includes jiangshan’s 32 Du Xi and security Xi. How high are their appearance levels?Come ~ take you to walk around!Along the 32 Duxi river, or walk to the village, enjoy the outside wall style of people along the bank, courtyard style.Or go deep into the field to enjoy the rice wave customs and crisscropathic scenery in Ba Tian fan.Or detour south wood ancient village, see neo-Confucianism name zong, overlooking the octagonal well spring.In the pride of “Fengqi Wu Lin”, send out the clean underwater Qiantang, let 32 duxi “Zheshui Gan source liufang forever”.>>> Baoan Stream Baoan Stream is one of the sources of guangdu Stream at the county level. It starts from Shigu, Houban Village, Baoan Township and ends at Shuangxikou, Hualongxi Village.The embankment stretches, the greenway is slow;Ancient trees towering, flowers and plants;Weir as new scenery, bridge as old as song.Mountain torrents become clear flow, mulberry field exhibition colorful.Source: Quzhou Published editor: Jiang Tao Responsible editor: Zhou Geng Jiangshan News original manuscript, without permission, declined to be reproduced!Advertising Cooperation: 13906704476 (694476)