On the second day of the lunar New Year, they braved the snow to rescue pregnant women

2022-05-31 0 By

February 2, the second day of the Chinese New Year, Qujing Huize county heavy snow flying.14:20, Huise County maternal and child health hospital on duty received tian Ba health hospital call for help, Tian Ba township a pregnant woman suddenly felt abdominal pain at home, family members drove to the hospital on the way, due to bad weather, highway traffic control, trapped in the tunnel, frozen road traffic interruption, transport difficulties.Critical moment, Huize county maternal and child health hospital, Huize County traffic police, Tian Ba health center immediately organized rescue operations, in the extremely cold weather in the wind and snow for pregnant women to get through the channel of life.Doctor benevolence, human truth!Maternal and child safety affects the heart of the medical police, 15:30 emergency vehicle and the pregnant woman’s home docking, pregnant women and their families smoothly sat on the emergency vehicle.Heavy snow has been falling, the traffic police opened the police car lights to escort to the county hospital, 16:05, the pregnant woman safely arrived in Huize County maternal and child health care hospital.At present, the pregnant woman’s vital signs are stable and she is under observation in the department of obstetrics.