Today’s limited edition rain Water!The sun will return to work tomorrow

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Yin rain embellish as crisp grass color it looks nearly no today, we have 24 solar terms in the second throttle today rain rain throttle mainly refers to the probability of rainfall is greater than the probability of snow creek straight street gradually in the twenty-four solar terms rain before the cold weather in the Yellow River is the birthplace of the bad rain showers could be up to 0 after the rain the temperature generallyAt this time, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will gradually say no to snow and the rainfall in the south of the Yangtze River also began to increase. Hangzhou’s recent weather recently, hangzhou is probably the most not short of “rain”.The average temperature was 5.6℃, 1.5℃ lower than 7.1℃ in the same period of the year. The feeling of wet and cold went hand in hand.Recently, the rainy (snowy) weather in Hangzhou is mainly because a number of weak cold air flows southward from the east road and the warm and wet airflow converge. Although the temperature drop range is not very large and the absolute temperature is not very low, the body feels wet and cold.After the rain, the canal side is full of fallen leaves. Hangzhou is still cloudy today, sometimes there is light rain or sleet, rain and snow in the evening before and after turning cloudy to cloudy, the highest temperature in the day 5℃, the lowest temperature in the morning 2℃.When will the SUNS, who have been missing so much this month, come online?Hangzhou meteorological Station said the sun will stop wandering on Sunday and come back online.Although the temperature is still not high, only 1 to 5 degrees Celsius, and the wind is a little strong, the warm sun will still bring a joy and comfort.Don’t miss it, get washed up and go for a walk, the good weather only lasts until Next Monday.As for warmer weather, that needs to be endured a bit longer.According to the forecast, although the weather will be better from 20th to 21st, the temperature will be low. On the morning of 21st, there will be thin ice at 0 ~ -3℃ in plain areas, and freezing or severe freezing at -3 ~ -8℃ in mountainous areas.There was another rainfall process on 22nd and 23rd.Until the 25th, Hangzhou will be warming up, the highest temperature is expected to rise to more than 10℃, let us temporarily out of the claws of winter.North of the city sports Park as for the spring friends, may have to wait.Hangzhou’s annual spring time is around March 10, and there are still more than 20 days to go. Although there are many early spring in recent years, there is no sign of early spring this year.According to the news from the Traffic Police Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, on February 21st, next Monday, weekday peak-shift travel will be resumed, and the west Lake scenic Area will be restricted on weekdays with odd and even license plate numbers.After the rain, it is still early spring As the saying goes, a year’s plan lies in spring. Let us embrace a vibrant spring with boundless longing and hope