Today 59 the first day, blizzard scope has been determined, see ancestor proverb zha say

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Today is the 24th day of the lunar calendar (26th day of the solar calendar), which is the day for people in southern China to celebrate the little New Year.In 1929 not to move, 3949 ice walk, 5969 see willow along the river, 799 open 89 wild goose, 999 plus nineteen, cattle walk everywhere.Judging from this 99 songs, “599 69, along the river to see willows”, this river to see willows means, into 599, you can see willows sprout, but according to the current weather can not reach, may be for the south, and in our north is still very cold.According to the latest weather forecast, from 20 o ‘clock on January 25 to 20 o ‘clock on January 26, some areas in central Heilongjiang province, eastern Jilin province, Inner Mongolia Hetao region, northern and eastern Xizang Province, eastern Northwest China, western Huanghuai Region and western Jianghan region will have small to moderate snow or sleet, and local heavy snowfall.Light to moderate rain will hit parts of eastern Henan, most of Jianghuai, eastern Jianghan, western and northern Jiangnan, eastern and southern Southwest, and most of Southern China.From 20:00 on January 26 to 20:00 on January 27, eastern Qinghai, southeastern Gansu, southern Ningxia, south-central Shaanxi, south-central Shanxi, south-central Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, north-central Anhui, northern Jiangsu, northeastern Chongqing, northern and eastern Xizang, light to moderate rain or water and snow, some heavy snowfall.”Fifty-nine snow” into the fifty-nine first day snow, the snow is very timely, because this time the wheat acres are in need of snow insulation, against freezing to death by cold weather, snow can also kill underground pests.”Next year harvest” had a heavy snow on this day, the snow to do heat preservation of wheat seedlings, when the flowers blossom, and slowly melting of the snow, into the melted snow irrigation mu of wheat in the fields, wheat seedlings in consume plenty of cases, they will try to growth, wait until they grow up, was the scene of a harvest of wheat, must be a good harvest next year.Proverb, fifty-nine heavy snow, the Spring Festival eaves under the ice rink fifty-nine heavy snow, in the fifty-nine under the snow, if the snow piled up in the wheat field, so that it can protect the wheat from freezing, snow on the roof, will slowly melt.Under the eaves ice during the Spring Festival, on February 1, this year’s Spring Festival is on the first day, the day of the spring of this year is in February 4, had the first snow all over the world, you have seven days to celebrate the Spring Festival, room on the snow will slowly melting, when the Spring Festival, there will be ice flowing downwards, the ice seemed to hang in front of the glacier, is also a scenery.Will soon be the New Year, always under rain and snow, farmers working outside friends, when going home to add clothes to keep warm, careful slippery road, I wish you safe home, home for a reunion.