There is a love is heart, you give love let me never forget

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Before I met you, I didn’t know what love was and never thought about what my future would be like.However, after meeting you, I found myself no longer love anyone else, every look in your eyes, every smile, every gentle greeting, let me remember deeply.You came along and changed my life.I had just graduated from college and was struggling with how to find a good job. I was looking for a needle in a haystack to apply for my resume.Because just graduated, have no experience, find a job repeatedly rebuffed, I was once disheartened.Tall buildings, not a job for me, just when I was turned down for the third time.You suddenly appeared beside me, “Hello, my name is Li Nan, I also came to interview today, it doesn’t matter, there will be another chance”.He also smiled so bright, let me instantly feel very warm.Your smile cured me, and then you also asked me to eat a beef hotpot, so, I met you when FRUSTRATED.I feel never had a sense of security, originally, this is a chance meeting, a little comfort is full of strength.This is a chance meeting, but therefore I have endless contact with you.That day, it was raining heavily, and I forgot to take my umbrella when I went out.When I was worried that I could not get a car from work, you suddenly held up a big umbrella behind me.I want to be a better person because of you.Love is not about finding a perfect person.Instead, we are more willing to appreciate the imperfect person with appreciation.When you opened your umbrella for me and saw your face, I moved a little. I subconsciously held your hand, which made me feel at ease.Although, you just pick me up on rainy days, only gave me an umbrella, but let me think of you for my shelter every time in difficulty, I feel very at ease.I fell asleep on the bus. When I woke up, I found that I had missed my stop.But you kept me from waking me up.Ever since I met you, you’ve been there for me every time I take the bus.Back then, you were young. Now, 10 years later, you still are. You haven’t changed a bit.How many people can cover the wind and rain for you all your life?I guess only someone who’s always loved you can do that.If I love you, it must be deep love. The person who loves you will always love you in a special way and wait for you until the end of time.If love, it must be a long stream of love, has continued until the day can not love.In my heart, for your heart that time because of the accident I fell to the cliff, you to save me less a hand.At that moment, I was destined to worry about you for the rest of my life.We never know which comes first, accident or tomorrow.When the accident happened, you protected me, and you lost one of your hands.At the moment the rescue team arrived, you refused to let go, afraid I would get hurt.You gave me love, I will never forget, now I love you in my way.In the future, may we live forever in love.This article is originally written by north Guangdong tea, without permission, anyone and media shall not be reproduced!