“The southernmost part of mainland China, zhanjiang High-speed Railway 3 days” travel photo of colorful salt fields, pineapple sea

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In 1898, the film Operation Red Sea and the TV series The Hidden Corner were filmed in naozhoudao in spring of 1898.French people to force into the guangzhou bay (now guangdong zhanjiang old name) to lease “guangzhou bay” now zhanjiang city after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War of China’s coastal ports and threaten to the French concession in guangzhou bay (now in zhanjiang city) provincial foreign trade and economic development and prosperity at that time the summer here is very bright time like stopped streets are still a few decades ago the appearance of the winter is hereNo typhoon and the crowds only soft gentle waves warm YangXiaoZhong feature attractions | sea of pineapple(1) China’s provence, pineapple sea 90% of guangdong people don’t know the most beautiful pastoral “lonely planet” the testimonials of guangdong only one clock in 15 top tourism every year when the endless “Jin Lin looms become” in “vegetation” grand view it was known as the “European provence” and xuwen pineapple production about a third of the Chinese market niche feature attractions |Xuwen Salt Industry witness the development of China’s salt industryTwo-thirds are coastal saline land when you through the full-bodied amorous feelings of accommodation facilities, see fancy corals building is in a seven color clouds yantian here is one of the most important sea salt production base in guangdong province niche feature attractions | national nature reserve of coral reefs(3) in zhanjiang has shallow continental shelf in China shall complete variety, the best-preserved largest coral resources niche feature attractions | lake YanMa er lake(4) ma er lake lake is the core of the lake rock scenic area scenic area covers an area of 2.3 square kilometers is 14-160000 years ago by the ground after cooling sink formation volcanic explosion of er type volcanic lake lake has more than 400 meters deep water around the volcano pile without external drainage interference under the protection of the long-term natural sedimentary formation of the lake sediments is a thousands years of earth’s evolution “in naturalGuide “and” natural museum “park with ma er as the main body of both coastal landscape of volcanic geology tectonic geology, and other geological relics are rare niche feature attractions | Angle + light building windmills island 5. Here is the southernmost tip of mainland China and China’s northernmost at mohe north village, the name of the north-south confrontation but no at mohe and hainan island facing each other across the sea,But there was no sanya busy are not surrounded by tall buildings of the prosperous coast, few visitors almost no traces of development retains fishermen’s simple life everywhere is the feeling of pure natural praise point a: special planning zhanjiang high-speed rail travel: both classic zhanjiang attractions and good food, and add a lot of attractions niche characteristics, make you a fresh and full of fun journey!Two: experience the south coast culture;There are fatty oysters, shrimp and seafood, white cut chicken and other delicious food waiting for you to come!3. Route photographing the magnificent sunset and sunrise on the sea, pineapple sea and colorful salt fields, enjoying a visual feast.Four: The route to explore huguang Yanmar Lake, according to friends in Zhanjiang, there are water monsters here?Visit the scenery of the sea city, overlook the whole downtown of Zhanjiang from the height, and stroll along the sea corridor.It is near the shore of Zhanjiang Harbor in spring.Seven: Marine life, visit the national coral reef nature reserve, appreciate the beauty of coral reefs.Eight: Check in to the most Antarctic lighthouse in Mainland China, stay in the characteristic South Pole village b&B, experience the sea.D1 Guangzhou South — Zhanjiang West — lunch — Huguang Rock Scenic spot — Fishing Port Park, Sea View Corridor — East Island Resort Hotel Today meeting place and time: 07:45 Go to Exit B of Guangzhou South Railway Station in advance (near the west gate), take the elevator to the waiting hall on the third floor, and then take the bullet train from guangzhou South Railway Station at 08:30 and arrive at Zhanjiang West Railway Station at 11:00 (guangzhou South Railway Station, about 2.5 hours by bus;Reference number: C6915, C6913);(Please take a bus from Shenzhen North Railway Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station and transfer to the high-speed train. The ride takes about 0.5 hours. Please refer to the train number: G280, G2902, G1312.)(Be sure to pull into the station in advance during holidays)00 arrived in zhanjiang west railway station, bus to eat good lunch near (fee), the scenic spot, ma er lake is the core of the lake rock scenic area scenic area, the lake covers an area of 2.3 square kilometers, 14-160000 years ago is formed by the ground volcanic explosion after cooling down ma er type volcanic lake, the lake has more than 400 meters, is said to be haunted by a monster.16:00 departure tour to take photos of fishing port park, view the sea corridor.With the theme of “fisherman, fishing port, fishing boat, fisherman”, it shows the fishermen’s image, fishing port customs, fishing boat culture and fisherman’s life of Leizhou Peninsula!With a total length of about 1.7 kilometers and tens of thousands of plants, it faces the magnificent Naval port of the South China Sea fleet across the sea and overlooks the Shili Naval port, one of the largest naval bases of the Chinese Navy, where a large number of warships and surface ships are berthed for a long time!Gather together at 17:00 and set off for Donghai Island resort. Pass the cross-sea bridge and enjoy the unique scenery.Arrive at donghai Island at around 18:00. After check-in, you can enjoy fresh seafood for dinner.Breakfast: self-care lunch: have dinner: AA self-care accommodation: east island resort D2 donghai island port – NaoZhou island – + + turtle city NaoZhou lighthouse that taking stone beach (NaoZhou island to ride an electric or sit car) – Antarctic villagers lodge – beach combing, sea sunset 07:30 hotel restaurant to eat breakfast, then go to the east island wharf, take a boat to NaoZhou island.It has already covered the price of ammoniac spring.”, ancient name 127, is an island formed by the undersea volcano eruption about 200,000 to 500,000 years ago, and it is also one of the “eight views in Zhanjiang”, beautiful in retrospect.There are many places of interest in the island, including the ruins of the Imperial City of the Song Dynasty, Xianglong Academy, Ocao Well, the Monument of the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, the Pavilion of the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, the Village of the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, the Village of The Red Horse, and the Tomb of Douzhenbiao and “Gong Bao Fang”, etc.Nayanhai Stone Beach, one of the most popular tourist resorts in south China, is also located here, with an ideal natural beach.On Ma on Shan, 81.6 meters above sea level, the lighthouse was built by French colonialists in 1898. It is one of the only two crystal mirror lighthouses in the world and one of the three lighthouses in the world, along with the London Lighthouse and the Cape lighthouse.It stands in ammoniac harbor in spring of 23 meters high, 5 meters wide at the bottom and 4 meters wide at the top. The whole tower is made of hemp stone.Say “build by laying bricks”, in fact, is not mud, completely stacked pieces, stones and stones are very consistent, one integrated body.It has ammoniac in spring island.Continue to play the yan Sea stone beach and song Emperor monument and so on.It is ready to go back to shore in spring from China by boat.Arrive at the South Pole village around 16:30, check in the boutique b&B, put your luggage, follow the leader to catch the sea and enjoy the sunset, or free activities.The southernmost part of Mainland China, beautiful coast, art tribe, fire out of the circle of small village, quiet and primitive, original ecological scenery, ONE of the filming sites of CCTV “Charm China Town”!The summer sunset is very long, every few minutes the sky and the sea are different colors, when the sunset is beautiful, more beautiful than the balan Beach in Bali…Fang Po village all the way the windmill, just like walking in the windmill forest!The village is full of murals made of shells, with blooming flowers, full of romantic artistic sense!”Kissing wave”, the east sea is qiongzhou Strait, the west sea is beibu Gulf, whenever the tide on both sides of the water in this intersection, the middle of the formation of a can walk in the sea of the beach!Wait for the tide to recede, take the fishing tools to catch the sea, full of beach oysters, sea urchins, crabs, mussels….Antarctic village of ebb time is not fixed, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the late night, sometimes in the early morning.Tips: For safety reasons, the trip will be cancelled in the evening and early morning if the tide goes out!18:30 Sunset west Sea, after the end of the dinner we will enjoy the local fresh seafood, dinner has been included.Free movement after meal, early rest.Breakfast: included lunch: free solution dinner: included accommodation: South Pole Village homestay D3 South Pole Village — Mainland South Pole Lamp Tower Lighthouse — colorful salt Field — pineapple sea lunch — Chikan Old Street — Zhanjiang West — South Guangzhou 07:30 breakfast, after breakfast, take a bus to the most Antarctic of Mainland China, clock the most southernmost of mainland China.It covers an area of about 109 square kilometers.In the reserve, 49 species of coral, belonging to 17 families and 2 orders, have been identified, and 2 species remain to be identified. Some of them are rare, and some of them are even discovered for the first time in China.Gather at 10:00 and set out to take photos in the nearby colorful salt field.The largest colorful salt field in China is like a palette rendered by nature. The glittering and translucent salt pool reflects the boundless sky!11:00 bus set out to play near the pineapple sea.It is so different from the rest of mainland China that it is easy to recall the seaside scenery of southern Taiwan, the refreshing Hokkaido in summer, or the love stories in the fields of Japanese and Korean movies.Xuwen County is well known as the “Hometown of Pineapple in China”, and the “Sea of pineapple” scenic spot formed by the vast cultivation of pineapple has become a well-known agricultural tourism landscape there.Hundreds of thousands of acres of pineapple are planted in this red land. When the pineapple is ripe, it looks like the ground is covered with gold.This natural idyllic scenery is also known as the “Flower field of Hokkaido” and “Provence of Europe”.12:00 Enjoy special food together (included).13:00 bus to Chikan Old Street.Formerly known as the French boulevard, only more than 400 meters long, but has nearly 100 years of commercial history.Now the pedestrian street gathers many characteristic shops, attracting a lot of tourists to come shopping.People can wander freely, chat and read books in coffee shops and enjoy slow travel time.At about 16:20, take a bus from Chikan Old Street to Zhanjiang West Station, take high-speed rail back to Guangzhou South, refer to C6950 (17:25-20:25);Guangzhou South Railway Station is dismissed, ending the happy journey, looking forward to meeting again next time!Passengers returning to Shenzhen North Railway Station can transfer to Guangzhou South Railway Station (please refer to G549(21:10-21:39), G6341(21:15-21:45)) note:If the schedule changes due to time or weather changes, or most of the partners request to change the schedule, the tour leader has the right to adjust the schedule according to the current situation without reducing scenic spots and service quality. This change is made according to the experience of the tour leader for a more smooth trip. We hope you can understand and support the change.Breakfast: included lunch: included dinner: Self-care accommodation: warm home * The above itinerary is for reference only, the final itinerary may be fine-tuned according to actual conditions, please refer to the tour notification.Guangzhou Cluster: 1999 yuan/adult 999 yuan/children room difference 500 Shenzhen Cluster: 2199 yuan/adult 999 yuan/children room difference 500 Zhanjiang West Cluster: 1499 yuan/adult 999 yuan/children room difference 500 children price:Over 1.2m, please register at adult price;The price difference of children’s half-price tickets will be refunded by the tour leader on the spot, and the price difference of children’s tickets for non-occupied beds and high-speed trains will be refunded by the customer service background.Children below 1.2 meters can be charged, excluding high-speed rail tickets and accommodation beds. Other tickets, scenic cars, local coach seats, breakfast, lunch and dinner, insurance and so on are included in the price as adults. Children’s tickets can be refunded on the tour.1. Transportation: second-class seat and booking fee of guangzhou South to Zhanjiang West round trip high-speed rail (tickets issued in different places, seats, etc., more refund and less compensation according to the ticket price);Local tour bus fares.2. Tickets: Tickets for Huguangyan + a sightseeing car, selected selected round-trip boat tickets from Selected island, and selected selected electric vehicles or car bags from Selected island.3, accommodation: East Island three diamond seascape hotel standard room, the Antarctic village double diamond boutique b&B standard room (guaranteed room, not need to repair the room difference).(For accommodation in East Island, please refer to Haiyuntian Seaview Apartment, Lifeng Hotel (Zhanjiang East Island Store), Zhanjiang Jinyuan Hotel or the same level);(Please refer to Xuwen Nan Dian Village Ni Hao B&B, Xuwen Lianshang Shanhu B&B, Migratory Bird Garden B&B or similar);4. Meals: hotel breakfast on day 2 and 3, lunch on day 1, seafood dinner on Day 2, pineapple dinner on day 3 (including non-refundable meals).5. Insurance: Each partner will take out accident insurance of 300,000 yuan.6. Others: Professional team leader will lead the whole team (driver and tour guide will be arranged for 6 people or less), activity organization cost, sea gloves, pliers, bucket, etc.1, not included in the 3 meals can be self-care, frugal by people, local cuisine, consumption preferential;2, if you need to live alone, can fill single room difference (do not require single living we are free of natural single room difference);3. Other personal consumption.1. Successful registration after paying the activity fee in advance.1. If you quit 168 hours before departure (7 days), the activity fee will be deducted from 5% of ticket refund fee + 60 yuan of ticket booking fee (100 yuan of holiday booking fee).② If you quit 48~168 hours (2-7 days) before departure, 20% of the activity fee (excluding ticket) + 5-10% of the ticket refund fee + 60 yuan (holiday booking fee 100) will be deducted, and the rest will be returned.③ If you quit within 48 hours before departure, 40% activity fee (excluding ticket) + 10-20% ticket refund fee + 60 yuan booking fee (holiday booking fee 100) will be deducted.④ If you leave within 24 hours before departure and arrive late, only the balance of train ticket will be refunded.Other tickets that have not been generated will be refunded.Refund: processing within 3 working days, in case of holidays.4. Participate in activities: The high-speed train group accepts loading and unloading on the way or meeting at the destination.Set out according to the unified collection time announced by customer service.Patients with high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this activity.On behalf of the default registration!(1) If the number of participants is not reached, customer service will send a cancellation message before 12 o ‘clock two days before departure, and the activity fee will be fully refunded.(2) If the trip fails due to force majeure, the activity fee will be refunded in full if no fee is incurred;If a non-refundable fee has been incurred, the remainder of the activity fee will be refunded after deducting this fee.The partners who sign up for this activity accept the above agreement by default, please read it carefully!