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Preventive disinfection 1, spraying disinfection purpose: for infectious, highly polluting public places, pathogen carriers and other public contact items, including toilets, garbage cans and other highly polluted areas.2, aerosol disinfection method (air disinfection) aerosol spray disinfection method refers to the treatment method of air or object surface disinfection with aerosol sprayer spray disinfectant, fog particle diameter of 20μm or less accounts for more than 90%.Because the spray particle is small, floating in the air easy to evaporate, can receive both spray and fumigation effect.Objective: To disinfect indoor air which is prone to cross infection during influenza, to completely eliminate viruses and bacteria carried in the air and prevent respiratory infection.3. Wipe and disinfect purpose: Wipe and disinfect the common facilities of employees, including computers, telephones, keyboards, mice and other frequently contacted equipment, to prevent contact infection.Final disinfection Objects: objects and parts that are frequently touched by the public, including indoor air, door handles, faucets, handrails, desktops, floors, walls, elevator buttons, and air conditioning systems.Disinfection method: the disinfection work should be carried out by trained personnel with on-site disinfection experience, master the preparation method of disinfectants and the operation method of disinfection equipment, and take corresponding disinfection methods for different disinfection objects.Shanghai benben pest control service Co., LTD. Main service items: disinfection, pest control, etc.We have advanced technology advantages, professional company team, comprehensive quality assurance services, nationwide door-to-door service.