League of Legends mobile tour weekend carnival open, unlimited firepower with massive dragon soul crystal attack

2022-05-30 0 By

League of Legends mobile games weekend big meet activities open, super 2000 dragon soul crystal, massive ranked currency rewards and “666” interesting expressions for you to take!At the same time, unlimited firepower gameplay is open again, under the super cool global Buff, is absolutely a team with friends to open the black mode of choice!After all hero league hand swims weekend big satisfy activity to have what content, follow my footstep to see together!The unlimited firepower game that all summoners love is open again, from 10 o ‘clock on February 19 to 23 o ‘clock 59 on February 21, this unlimited firepower will be open for three consecutive days!No mana or energy cost and super double speed!With such a powerful global Buff, it will definitely show you what a “swing skill” is!Infinite joy is in infinite firepower, quickly pull their small partners open black entertainment!On February 20, 20:00 ~ 23:59, summoners can log in the game to receive 666 dragon soul crystal for free!Akali’s silver teeth, Sona’s five rock keyboard player, Aishi polar goddess and other skin are waiting for you to exchange!At the same time, part of the skin will be sold at a 50% discount for the first time to help summoners easily exchange their favorite skin!February 19 at 10 ~ February 21 at 23:59, happy weekend activities open, five game tasks to help you get massive dragon soul crystal, all complete can get 1000 dragon soul crystal, but also get the much-anticipated “666” expression, simply not too comfortable!Activity tasks are some simple game tasks, summoners only need to team up with friends, together with the ranking, chaos and unlimited firepower play, you can easily complete all tasks!”Hail, climber!Activity is on.To fearless climbing spirit, in the valley for the summit!Participate in “Hail, Climbers!Activities, in the game to climb the game victory peak, improve the account level, you can get a lot of rewards!When the summoner reaches level 10, you can get a chest of optional heroes and multiple 3-win double experience cards to help summoners quickly upgrade.When the level reached 20 level, 30 level, 40 level, will also get dragon soul crystal, ranking currency, soul luo currency and soul luo energy and other rewards, very rich.If the summoner has reached the corresponding level before the start of the activity, he can directly claim all the rewards, and the rewards can be easily obtained!This activity will last for a month, starting from February 19th and ending at 23:59 on March 18th. Summoners can have enough time to get all the rewards. There is no need to worry!The above is the league of Legends mobile tour weekend to meet all the content of the activities, so many dragon soul crystal, as well as easy and simple climbing peak activities, presumably after this weekend, everyone’s hero pool and skin pool will increase new members!The heart is not as good as the action, quickly shout up your small partner, together to the game team open black bar!