Introduction of air quality on-line monitor

2022-05-30 0 By

In our daily life, sometimes we can see some instruments installed in the street, most of them consist of a small box with a camera, some will be connected with some LED screens, showing some data information immediately, many people don’t understand what the instruments are.In fact, this is an environmental monitoring instrument.Build a natural environment infrastructure management system that integrates wastewater, waste, solid waste, hazardous waste and medical waste treatment facilities as well as monitoring and control capabilities, and generate an Internet of natural environment infrastructure from big cities to towns and rural areas.This includes not only provisions for various waste treatment facilities, but also for basic monitoring facilities for the natural environment.Monitoring instruments that can be touched in daily life are part of the basic monitoring facilities of the natural environment.Among them, environmental monitoring instruments as a major part, usually not mastered by us, so we will briefly introduce the relevant environmental monitoring instruments.Air quality online monitor is composed of a shell and a variety of sensor cameras, such as temperature and humidity recording sensor, fine particle sensor, vapor sensor, climate sensor and so on.The sensor accurately measures the quality of the environment around the instrument and then displays the data information on the LED screen.You can also use the Internet to transmit data to relevant departments for monitoring.The online air quality monitor is suitable for a variety of monitoring factors, including reactive oxygen species, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, PM2.2.PM10, temperature and humidity records, wind frequency, noise, etc.The equipment adopts steam sampling transmission and power distribution transmission independently, small size, beautiful design, easy installation, can choose solar power distribution or voltage operation according to the specific situation.The equipment can be widely used in industrial, residential, commercial and highway traffic.The online air quality monitor also contains a touch screen that allows you to set and change the calibration coefficient and main parameters of the equipment and view historical records.The instrument is suitable for Modbus communication protocol, 4G/ network transmission and HJ212-2017 protocol.The detailed address of 4 service platforms can be equipped simultaneously.Data information can be immediately sent to the system software and queried according to THE WBE or mobile terminal.