“Towards the Winter Olympics” independent technology to build Chinese snowmobile equipment

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“Show the determination and verve of making rockets and make Chinese people’s own snowmobiles.””Said Zhou Yu, a senior engineer at the 703 Institute of the First Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.Bobsleigh racing is a traditional event in the Winter Olympic Games. The average speed of bobsleigh is about 100 kilometers per hour, and the maximum speed can reach 160 kilometers per hour. It is the “speed shoulder” in the Winter Olympic Games and is also known as the “F1” in winter sports.This Winter Olympic Games, The Figure of Chinese bobsled athletes will also appear in the competition.Snowmobile equipment manufacturing technology content is high, manufacturing process is complex, for a long time by foreign monopoly.In the past, there were no homemade snowmobiles in China.It wasn’t until 2016 that China had a national bobsleigh team.But in the beginning, the team had to go abroad to find a training ground. Without their own equipment, they had to rent or import it from abroad.”The snowmobiles we can buy differ greatly from the customized snowmobiles used by European and American teams in many technologies, and it is very difficult to compete in the Winter Olympics.”Zhou Yu said, own snowmobile, not only related to the improvement of sports performance, but also to enhance the core competitiveness of China’s equipment manufacturing requirements.In 2019, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the second batch of application guidelines for scientific research projects of the Winter Olympics, including the r&d and manufacturing of snow and ice equipment, in order to accelerate the development of snow and ice equipment for the Winter Olympics.The 703 Institute of the First Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation immediately set out to break through the “neck jam” technology of ice and snow sports equipment.In 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China FAW Group to form a consortium to successfully develop two-person and four-person snowmobiles, achieving a breakthrough of “zero” domestic snowmobiles, and delivered to the Winter Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport of China in September 2021.Zhou Yu said that the snowmobile structure mainly includes composite material body and metal frame two major parts.The development of domestic snowmobile has successfully learned from the development process and management experience of aerospace products, and integrated three advanced aerospace core technologies.The first is domestic T800 carbon fiber composite material technology.The material is only 1/5 as dense and twice as strong as steel, and is widely used in rockets and Boeing 787 airplanes. It can greatly reduce the weight of the body of the snowmobile, lowering the center of gravity of the snowmobile, making it smooth to slide.The material’s high strength and unique destruction-absorbing properties also protect athletes from as much injury as possible in a crash.The second is complex structure high precision integral manufacturing technology.This technology ensures the high quality preparation of the snowmobile with complex shapes. The entire snowmobile body has only three large parts, namely the front body, the rear body and the front cover, with less connection structure and high precision shape.The third is aerodynamic shape design technology.By means of fluid mechanics calculation and wind tunnel test, and after several iterations, the design of the streamlined shape of the rudder body fusion can make the air drag coefficient more than 5% smaller than that of the imported snowmobile, and improve the competition result by 0.3 to 0.5 seconds according to calculation.Supported by independently developed and manufactured snowmobile equipment, China’s snowmobile project will open a new chapter.Zhou yu said that in the future, snowmobile is expected to start from the “Platform of the Winter Olympics”, into the public life, become a public leisure and entertainment project.(Economic Daily Reporter Peng Jiang)