These flowers are in full bloom!

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Qingyuan everywhere in full bloom of flowers, train to spring……They’re all on fire!↓↓ To this, I have been unable to resist the excitement of the heart, want to see a sea of flowers!Feel like you’re in wonderland.Come along with wenlijun, go to the sea of flowers to a romantic value burst table date!!Fenglin Xiao town rape drunk beauty spring scenery, rape flower sea, shock debut here!Into the flower field, a golden ~ as if in a golden wonderland.Scenes of golden yellow, let a person infatuated!Ride on the happy little train, super fun!The poppy is a very rare flower. It is very lucky to see so many poppy beauties in full bloom here.The sea of sulphur flowers bloom brilliantly, shake the small fan gently, lift the paper umbrella, the best rich sea of flowers card!Walk into the sea of golden flowers, enjoy the karst peak forest ~ wait for what!Get up close and personal with sulphur and experience the ultimate romance.Address: Qingyuan City Yingde City Kowloon Town Fenglin Xiao Town.Yunshui ballad nearly one hundred acres of rape flowers into the sea, the eye is golden!Walk along the ridge, there are flowers, butterflies, and hard-working bees……The most important thing is that it is also super easy to “shoot”, attract tourists, stop and clock.More interesting is the small train here, you can swim in the fields of golden flowers ~ shuttle in the sea of flowers.Address: Qingyuan City Yingde City Yinghong Town garden yunshui ballad ecological tourism scenic spot.Sea of flowers labyrinth fragrant marigold pieces of fragrant marigold sea into the eye, the breeze blowing off layers of golden waves, beautiful!A sea of flowers in full bloom, and countless new branches mature, and will open countless small yellow flowers!Lavender came to the flower maze, about 100 meters away from the flower field, you can smell a fragrance of flowers and fruits mixed in the air, mellow and sweet.Holding a bubble machine, wearing a white dress, feeling like I’m the prettiest kid in the whole field of flowers, can’t accept refutation!Address: Qingyuan City Qingfei Road Flower Maze tourist resort.Bao Jing Palace lake full of rape flowers!What a beautiful view!In it, you can watch the bees fly and smell the flowers.Here along the road full of rape flowers, the golden sea of flowers can be seen, making people feel happy.Under the sun, the golden rape flowers are dazzling, set against the blue sky, blue clouds, lake water, which is like a qinren heart scenery picture.Address: Yingde City Qingyuan Baojing Palace Swan Lake Hot Spring Resort hotel.Yangshan plum blossom every February, more than thirty thousand plum blossom in full bloom, such as snow falling frost!Continuous into a piece, fully a thousand acres!These plum flowers, like the earth covered with white snow, scattered in the mountains, all over the village, behind the house!Walking under the plum tree, let “snow” falling on your shoulders, like a cloud like snow, it is more beautiful than snow!That blow on the face of light plum flower sweet, sweet floating field, how can not let a person intoxicated?Address: Pingdong Village, Yangmei Town, Yangshan County, Qingyuan City.Precautions for prevention and control: 1. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, all persons entering the scenic area should show the health code “green code”, do a temperature measurement and wear masks before entering the scenic area.2. During special periods, please keep a distance of 1.5 meters after entering the scenic spot.3. Please do not litter or spit when visiting the scenic spot. Please abide by the ecological and environmental protection regulations of the scenic spot.4. If you have fever, cough or other physical discomfort, please inform the staff in time.Information and pictures from all scenic spots, copyright belongs to the original author.