The sleepymen, some of whom earn as much as 30,000 yuan a month, engage in “shady business” under the cloak of legality

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In today’s society, there are a lot of people who have bad sleep, and they are getting younger and younger. Many young people are suffering from insomnia, just like middle-aged and elderly people.According to the 2021 White Paper on Exercise and Sleep, jointly published by Moose and the China Sleep Research Society, more than 300 million People in China suffer from sleep disorders, and it has become an aspiration for many people to fall asleep quickly.Experts believe that chronic lack of sleep is harmful to health, because it can lead to a weakened immune system, other diseases, and another study showed that middle-aged people who sleep less than seven hours a night are 26% more likely to die early. So many people are really worried about sleep.However, life pressure and work troubles make it difficult for people to enjoy a more comfortable sleep, instead, they suffer from insomnia every night. According to data released by IMedia Consulting, 53.6 percent of Chinese netizens suffered from insomnia due to work pressure in 2021.Indeed, the current work pressure is too big, especially at the age of 35, many people are difficult to smooth over the past, workplace anxiety is very common, workplace people’s sleep state is not optimistic.With so many people suffering from sleep disorders and desperate to get a good night’s sleep, there is a sleep economy, with products on the market to help people get a good night’s sleep.Economy to sleep now have a lot of products in providing people with sleep aid, such as steam eye sleep, health care pillow, spray, etc., especially in health care pillow is very popular, because a lot of people think that their poor sleep may be related to the pillow, to change the pillow can solve the problem of insomnia, as a result, health care pillow industry of insomnia in the huge crowd,Rapid development, has broken through the market size of 11.68 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 14.96%.In fact, the whole sleep economy is growing fast, because there are so many people in need of sleeping products. Statistics show that nearly 400,000 people search for sleeping products on online shopping platforms every day.According to data released by IMedia Consulting, the market size of the sleep economy has grown to 377.86 billion yuan and is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan by 2030.To cope with insomnia, many people choose to help with physical objects, but now it is the Age of the Internet, the birth of many Internet-related industries, sleep aid products are not limited to physical products, but derived from the new industry of sleep coax, and popular.As families with young children will know, sometimes children need to be put to sleep. In fact, adults also need to be put to sleep, so the sleepers came into being.Now coax sleeping division on the Internet is not a rarity, know coax sleeping division of the people also many, data shows that about 52.03% of people know the existence of coax sleeping division, and choose to coax sleeping division to help a lot of people, because 59.64% of people think that coax sleeping division is really a certain role in helping sleep.Coax sleeping division work content as people used to coax children sleep about the same, only is the way through the network, users can subscribe to a coax sleeping, let to sleep to coax your sleep, coax sleeping division will often through chatting, singing, reading, playing music, for users to create a very comfortable environment, then slowly have drowsiness.Although the content of the work is very simple, in fact, the income is not cheap, a website statistics, if it is an ordinary sleeping teacher, an hour’s income will reach 50 yuan, if you work 4 hours a day, then a month can have 6000 yuan income.If you are a senior sleepmaker, you can earn 300 yuan an hour and 30,000 yuan a month easily.Therefore, the emerging industry has attracted a lot of people to participate, especially young women, because the female voice is more conducive to sleep effect, and the market size of the market is also expanding, data shows that the current market size of the economy has reached 400 billion yuan, is expected to reach trillion yuan in 2023.To get the sleepers out of the way?Sleeping master is originally a very legitimate job, but because most of the employees are young women, and the users are willing to spend money, plus this is a new industry, the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, so some people take advantage of the loophole, wearing the cloak of legal, carrying on the shady business.The sound of the sleeping master is very sweet, so that many male insomnia patients indulge in it, just want to meet real people in the line, generally speaking, the voice of sweet women, looks will not be too bad, after the appointment to meet, good-looking words, the story behind is almost the same as a big brother.Other sleepers work in the form of videos, Posting videos that appeal to men, and then enticing users to keep paying to top up, so they can unlock new videos and watch more, and make a lot of money.In fact, many people choose to sleep with sleepers because they know these things. According to the data, 48.95% of users know that sleepers have “soft porn” and “edge ball” problems. It can be seen that many people will not refuse this special service.However, the industry is very difficult to develop in the long run, Our country has been carrying out net action, those non-compliance industries will be severely hit, sleeping division this is a very profitable industry, if some people play a marginal ball and destroyed, it would be a pity.