The developer of ‘Till Dawn’ has registered a new trademark for a possible new game in the Black Photo Collection series

2022-05-29 0 By

During periods of silence, players scour rating sites and trademark registration sites to guess the future plans of the manufacturers.Until Dawn developer Supermassive Gamess has registered trademarks for five new titles in Europe, using the moniker “Dark Chronicles,” a fourth horror game originally planned for three.”The Dark Pictures: Directive 8020″, “The Dark Pictures: Directive 8020”, “The Dark Pictures: Directive 8020”, “The Dark Pictures: Directive 8020″The Craven Man, The Dark Pictures: Winterfold, The Dark Pictures Presents: O Death and The Dark Pictures:An Intercession was registered on January 31.There’s no word on when the studio plans to announce these titles, especially since there’s no release date for the fourth title in the series, Darkness: Demons.Fans of the series can continue to look forward to it, but at least we can confirm that there will be plenty of content.