Spring grows tall season, a “high calcium dish” should often give children to eat

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Spring is very suitable for children calcium season, spring all things unripe, for children born in the growth cycle, this time calcium twice the result with half the effort.From the beginning of the year, wine begins to take in the nutrients necessary to grow taller.Calcium can be a lot of food, today to everyone recommended this, is easy to be ignored a calcium food material – cilantro.The calcium content of cilantro is also not to be underestimated, 100 grams of dehydrated cilantro contains 1723 milligrams of calcium, water after the calcium content of the first vegetable.Although parsley is rarely eaten directly by ordinary families, it is a different story if it is added to a dish as an accessory.Can be in the process of daily cooking, the dishes more add parsley, give the child the choice of more calcium, except cilantro, shepherd’s purse, cedar, malan first class is also rich in calcium vegetable, spring also can arrange to the child oh ~ today to recommend coriander cuisine is parsley Fried rice, ordinary eggs Fried rice because of the addition of coriander,To make Fried rice with completely different style of food, although look very dark, but the taste is really can’t miss ~ dear friends like to eat caraway, must not miss ~ materials: a bowl of rice, mushrooms, 20 g one egg, ham ding 30 g, carrot in 30 g, parsley, 40 g salt, cooking oil, a moderate amount of dried-shrimps steps:1, beat the eggs, heat the wok and pour in the cooking oil, pour in the beaten eggs, stir fry them until they are cooked and remove them for later use. 2, keep the bottom oil in the wok, add the chopped green onion until fragrant, add the rice and stir fry them. 3, add the diced carrots, diced mushrooms and diced ham and stir fry them until fragrant, add the appropriate amount of salt and the fried eggs and stir fry them evenly, add the coriander and stir fry them until fragrant before leaving the wok