Pudong theme Park, unique!

2022-05-29 0 By

Today, xiaobian takes you to visit the Theme park of Rule of law in Pudong New Area. It is located at the junction of Hangtou Road and Linhai Road in Hangtou Town, covering an area of 160 mu and opened in 2012.Theme park is equipped with the rule of law subject logo area, the rule of law, literature and art demonstration area, the rule of law, the gallery exhibit, the rule of law, the game area and the rule of law ideology education area 5 big characteristic area, a town garden stone, the rule of law of the wall, the rule of law in gardening sculpture group, the rule of law, the rule of law, stone carving, corridor, the rule of law, light box under the rule of law, law games chess and other 12 major scenic spots under the rule of law.Important laws and regulations such as the amendment to the Constitution, the Civil Code, the Regulations on the Management of Domestic Garbage in Shanghai, and the Protection of Minors are regularly updated in the legal corridor in the form of cases and interpretations, so that residents can learn and enjoy their leisure time.At night, the rule of law slogan light box, for walking people lit up the brilliance of the rule of law.In summer, the lotus pool and the calligraphy sculpture of the word “Fa” in the middle of the lake set off an interesting contrast.Regular replacement of cartoon rule of law proverbs, etc., for the children to play attention.Stone carvings of legal stories, legal principles and legal calligraphy, as well as sculptures of respect for law, law, law and usage, are scattered scattered in the park, set against the stone Bridges named after local historical figures. The organic integration of local culture and legal culture enables people to fully feel the influence of nature and culture.The whole theme park integrates legal knowledge, legal concept and legal art into the beautiful and pleasant park scenery, so that people can enjoy the legal culture, feel the legal spirit and fully feel the legal cultural atmosphere with Pudong characteristics in a relaxed and pleasant leisure environment.