Public interest litigation | HongAn: procuratorial started “at” living waste engine oil

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Where is the waste oil from car repairs?Does the auto repair shop have standardized disposal?Does it pollute the environment?With these questions, the People’s Procuratorate of Hong ‘an County visited the motor vehicle maintenance enterprises in the area of investigation, and found that some auto repair shops did not collect, store and deal with waste oil in accordance with the provisions, and even dumped waste oil at will, there are potential safety hazards and environmental pollution risks.”Indiscriminate disposal of waste oil and other hazardous wastes will not only seriously pollute water and soil, but also be easily ingested and absorbed by the human body. Long-term exposure will even cause cancer and teratogenic diseases, seriously affecting people’s health.”In order to effectively and standardize the treatment of waste oil, the procuratorial organ immediately reported the situation to the county Ecological environment Bureau, the county Transportation Bureau and the township government, which are responsible for supervision, and urged the relevant units to standardize the treatment of waste oil.On March 30, the People’s Procuratorate of Hong ‘an county organized a public hearing and invited some NPC deputies, CPPCC members and people’s supervisors to participate in the whole process of supervision.At the hearing, prosecutors introduced the basic case, showed participants pictures of investigation and evidence collection, pointed out the objective facts of environmental pollution, put forward the legal basis for relevant functional departments to perform their duties, and listened to public opinions on the production and distribution of procuratorial suggestions.▲ Related functional departments have said that they will carry out a comprehensive investigation, actively urge the rectification of auto repair shops within the jurisdiction, and standardize the disposal of waste oil.At the same time, further improve the relevant working mechanism, strengthen the inspection and supervision of waste oil disposal, to promote the timely, efficient and harmless disposal of waste oil.The hearers at the meeting affirmed the procuratorial organs’ performance of duties in accordance with the law and supervision of public interest litigation on standardized disposal of waste oil, and expressed their comments respectively, hoping that all parties could form joint efforts to rectify the problems in place.”Hazardous waste management is an important aspect of ecological civilization construction and environmental protection, and also an important part of winning the battle against pollution.”The prosecutor said, “We will continue to follow up the rectification, help solve the problem of illegal disposal of waste oil in auto repair shops, continue to escort the healthy development of private economy, and strive to achieve the effect of ‘handling a case, governance a’.”