Last night’s bird nest “not a pigeon less”, and this meaning?

2022-05-29 0 By

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, held at the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium on The night of Feb 4, amazed the world.Among them, a show called “Shining Snow” performed by hundreds of children holding a lantern model of peace doves touched many netizens, but also saw a layer of “deep meaning”.”I was a little pigeon left behind, and I found my sister in the crowd, and she led me to the group.””Said Xu Shuyuan, who plays the role of” the little pigeon left behind “at The Experimental Primary School in Beijing’s Haidian District.”I always stayed at the end, waiting for the baby pigeon, and then I went back to the group and I didn’t find her, and I looked out and I saw the baby pigeon, so I pulled her back.””Said Guo Yaqian, a student at Zhongguancun No. 2 Primary School in Beijing, who plays the role of finding the” little pigeon left behind.”About the program, called “shining snow” Beijing Olympics opening ceremony dove link breakout director tian Tian says, “we hope that through this 660 children singing and dancing performances, the empty spirit, the feeling of romance, modern, science and technology, so we at the end of the whole design, are gathered into a heart.’Heart’ is a sign of warmth.We designed this’ big pull small ‘, a child, there is a little pigeon left behind, then will come out of the heart, a slightly older child, to pull her back, pull back to the heart of the team.We think it’s a very warm image, very warm, very happy.””When we walk, the snowflake follows us, it’s so shiny and romantic.””Little pigeon left behind,” Xu shuyuan said.Since last night, the “little pigeon left behind” has caused a lot of discussion on Weibo, with some netizens seeing a “metaphor” in it.For example, some netizens said, “The lost child, will come back.”There are netizen message, “meaning good cow”, “go home early”, “a ‘pigeon’ can not be less”.Hope the lost children come home soon!Sources:, China News Network, Xinhua News Agency