Diabetes feeds easy hunger more, how to distinguish patient really hungry?TCM summed up four methods of differentiation

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Basically all diabetic patients know, feed more easy hunger is one of the most typical symptoms of diabetes, a lot of people in the usual clearly ate a lot, but they also want to eat, or just finish eating soon hungry, but in fact, this time may be your body does not need to eat again, under the conditions of “false hungry” eat food,It is of no help to the control of blood glucose and the prevention and treatment of complications in diabetic patients.Since diabetes patients know whether they are “real hungry” or “fake hungry”, it is helpful to avoid serious consequences such as blood sugar spike and blood sugar fluctuation caused by dietary problems, then how should they distinguish these “hunger” from “real hungry” or “fake hungry”?There’s a simple way to tell the difference: First, real hunger causes hypoglycemia, but fake hunger does not.Second, real hunger will trigger a rebound in blood sugar, but fake hunger will not.For example, for some diabetic patients, their blood glucose is not high at 7 o ‘clock in the morning, but their blood glucose is elevated at 8 o ‘clock in the morning without breakfast. This phenomenon is called rebound elevation of blood glucose.Third, real hunger comes slowly, but fake hunger comes instantly.When people are really hungry, the initial performance is stomach rumbling, and when they are finally hungry, they are really hungry.But false hunger is the idea of the moment, for example, when you smell the fragrance of food, people feel hungry, which is obviously belongs to false hunger.Fourth, real hunger has no obvious emotional inducement and is simply affected by physiological factors, but fake hunger is closely related to pressure, fatigue, mood swings and so on.For example, the diabetic is in a very bad mood today. He always feels hungry and wants to eat. He wants to vent his emotions by eating and turn his grief and anger into appetite.Diabetic patients should master the above distinguishing methods and carefully distinguish whether they are really hungry and whether their body really needs to eat. Do not be like my patient., the patient is I feel hungry, without whether at work or home, every day is the mouth feel lonely, very want to eat something, the result has been high blood sugar, the morning fasting glucose for two or three months up to several ten o ‘clock, he was very confused, when oneself also had diabetes, but to bear oneself too hungry, feel always want to eat something,The result blood sugar does not come all the time, how can this do just good?After I learned about his eating habits, I knew what was wrong with him. Many diabetics fall into the vicious cycle of “the more they refuse to eat, the more they want to eat”, and this patient is a typical one.Although I said don’t overly taboos in diabetic patients, but the patients life, a bad day at work, at ordinary times the mood very irritable, sick after still often by eating pork belly, cream cakes, biscuits, hot pot high fat and high sugar foods, to vent their discontent, as a diabetic, doesn’t even have that self-control,How to control glucose and prevent complications?Chinese medicine works “precious treasure yao Fang” said, “do not reduce the taste, do not quit coldness, do not section anger, illness and can be repeated.”That is to say, diet and mood will cause the aggravation of diabetes, diet will damage the spleen and stomach, bad mood will damage the viscera qi and blood, in the long run, lead to the body qi and blood deficiency, resulting in the aggravation of diabetes.Therefore, in view of the patient’s conditioning, I emphasize strengthening the spleen, stomach, liver, depression, and then play a role in the purpose of invigorating qi and blood circulation, hypoglycemia, but also warned patients to be sure to maintain peace of mind, quit unhealthy diet, maintain good eating habits.After a period of recuperation, he felt that his physical strength had been significantly improved, his blood sugar had also been stable, especially the symptoms of excessive eating and easy hunger had been significantly improved.Traditional Chinese medicine “Jing Yue quanshu” in the book, said that “diabetes, its disease of the beginning, all the change of fat sweet, wine and color strain, all the rich and poor people disease is rare.”This sentence fully emphasizes the importance of scientific diet for diabetic patients. I hope diabetic patients do a good job in the maintenance of diet, emotion and other aspects, so as to effectively reduce and control sugar and prevent complications.I’m Gao Ludong, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. Please follow me. If you have any questions about diabetes, please leave a message in the comments section.