Self-defense fighting secrets (9) simple and practical, quickly subdue gangsters, learn two tricks, see who dare to provoke you

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This is a continuation of the 5 moves that will easily free the enemy from choking and holding the waist.You can use this link to find the 40 defense tips that have been published in this account.This issue will introduce you to 5 moves, so you have collected this is the collection of 45 moves defense fighting secrets.Collect it!1. From the front of our side, the enemy suddenly grabbed our left hand with both hands and attempted to reverse it (FIG. 41-1).We immediately hit the enemy with a straight right to the face.Note that this is a false move that does not require full force and does not have to hit the enemy. The purpose is to draw their attention and force them to dodge (Figure 41-2).3. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the enemy leaning back to dodge, we quickly lowered our right hand and grabbed our twisted left hand (FIG. 41-3).4. Moving up and down, our right hand tightly grasped our left hand and pulled up between the enemy’s arms to free ourselves from the enemy’s entanglement (FIG. 41-4).5. Our hands twist to the right while pulling, so as to break free from the enemy’s control (Figure 41-6).6. Immediately after the upward movement, we take advantage of the opportunity of the enemy moving forward with the pull of our center of gravity, and violently turn the body. With the turning force, we hit the enemy’s jaw with our left elbow, and defeated the enemy (FIG. 41-6).1. The enemy and I are facing each other (FIG. 42-1).2. The enemy moves to the left and grabs our left hand with both hands, intending to harm us (FIG. 42-2).3. We quickly cross our left hand and hold our right fist, bend our knees, and prepare the front stride with our right foot (FIG. 42-3).4. Immediately after the upward movement, we quickly step out of the right foot, and at the same time, we pull our hands back with the strength of our body and arms, so that the enemy’s thumb is pressed and released (FIG. 42-4).After the enemy lets go, we can use the outer edge of the right palm to slash back at the enemy’s face or neck.1. The enemy is rushing towards us with his head down, and we are ready to implement the neck lock skill (FIG. 43-1).2. When the enemy’s head approaches us, we hit the enemy’s right shoulder with our left hand to ease his charge. At the same time, we choke the enemy’s throat with our right forearm and clamp his head firmly under our right arm, and tightly buckle the left wrist joint with our right hand to form a lock (FIG. 43-2).3. With continuous upward movement, we squeeze the neck artery and throat of the enemy by leaning back and lifting the right forearm, so that the blood and oxygen supply to his brain are insufficient and he fainted, thus subduing the enemy (FIG. 43-3).This account recommends the Illustrated Fighting Series: Israeli Fighting (set of 3 volumes).In this book, “Israeli Fighting — Unarmed Fighting”, “Israeli Fighting — Instrument Fighting” and “Israeli Fighting — Capture and Release” explain in detail the unarmed fighting techniques in Israeli fighting, using military and police equipment and daily articles, through more than 3,000 real action decomposition demonstration.Attack, throw, defensive counterattack and other release and capture techniques, so that learners can quickly master 360 degrees of enemy control and defense tips.1. When we find that the enemy is squatting and is about to throw on top of his legs, bend his knees and take a defensive position (FIG. 44-1).2. When the enemy rushed up, we made a decisive move and clamped his neck with our right arm, while firmly grasped the outside of our right palm with our left hand to form a lock and tightly stuck his neck (FIG. 44-2).3. Moving up, we pull the enemy’s neck to the chest with both hands and lean back to increase the squeeze on the enemy’s neck artery and throat.In less than 10 seconds, the enemy loses its ability to resist due to lack of oxygen to the brain (Figure 44-3).1. The enemy attacked from behind and grabbed our shoulders or back collar with both hands and pulled it backwards (Figure 45-1).2. Our center of gravity was already out of balance, so we reversed course (FIG. 45-3).4. When we fall backwards, we kick the enemy on the head with our foot. This surprise kick will surely make the enemy blind and make us swing our legs (Fig.45-3).5. We can quickly get up and attack the enemy’s key while they are slow to react to the kick (Figure 45-4).(To be continued) The above moves to practice more.Therefore, when you have a sandbox with a rotating upright target and speed ball, it will help you to train these skills better.The product is suitable for all kinds of ground installation, does not take up space, easy installation, very suitable for home training.This account in the past wonderful recommendations:Sanshou boxing, 24 action essentials and practical meaning, and is equipped with a cartoon figure show emei kong 12 make track for soul leg, avoid edge hit the key, sharp brave enemy hard block, is a fine leg skill belt self-defense uprisings combatives, simple and practical, ordinary people the most wife should learn self defense family boxing sanshou one-two punch, simple and practical,Scattered in the civil biaoju martial arts museum fighting stunts want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to kung fu martial arts cool