Raccoon dogs invade Shanghai: What happens when people confront each other for 10 minutes?How to protect local flooding?

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When it comes to The city of Shanghai, the first impression gives people is that it is expensive and prosperous in special economic zones.Is more difficult to connect cities with “wild animals” together, but Shanghai is real “invasion” by raccoon, haunted by as much as 5000 a raccoon in Shanghai, they are not only a swagger in every neighborhood, swaggering eating cat food, at one time, even a raccoon confrontation for 10 minutes, confrontation ending what are you curious about?People raccoon confrontation 10 minutes one of Shanghai’s neighborhood, the owner Mr. Chen had a habit of walking the dog early, took the dog one morning as usual rope in walking the dog, but only to suddenly have a wild raccoon crawled out from under the car next to, Chen startled at the beginning, and that a raccoon was obviously is not afraid of human, and even in ear trend to Mr. Chen’s method on the way to pitbull.The raccoon and the dog got into a fight, and the wild raccoon got the upper hand, biting the bulldog on its hind leg.Mr. Chen went to chase away the wild raccoon dogs, but he didn’t expect that his action annoyed the raccoon dogs, and the raccoon dogs directly attacked people. Mr. Chen waved the leash in his hand as a way to drive the raccoon dogs away. Instead of making them scared, the raccoon dogs continued for nearly 10 minutes.It was clear that in a nearly 10-minute confrontation, the dog and man were at a disadvantage and both were injured.In fact, Chen’s situation is not unusual in Shanghai, where many areas have been overrun by wild raccoon dogs.According to the description of the residents in “Greenbelt Rose Nine Li” located at guangfulin intersection of Jiasong South Road, Songjiang New Town, the area covers an area of about 190,000 square meters, and the number of residents is about 10,000, so the population density is relatively large.However, even in such a densely populated community, there are still many raccoon dogs roaming and foraging in the community. Even in broad daylight, they are very brave and will take a walk near the wall or the green plants, and will actively attack the small animals such as cats and dogs.At night it is even more terrifying, often searching for food in discarded rubbish.A It is reported that raccoon dogs have “settled down” in many communities in various areas of Shanghai. A resident of one community said in an interview that there are scattered leaves and branches in the settlement gap of the ditch in the corner of the wall. This is the burrow where raccoon dogs live, and it is common to see five or six young raccoon dogs crawling out of it.There is a 70-year-old old man told reporters that he once saw five or sixty raccoons gathered together when a house was still being decorated, the scene was daunting and the picture was impressive.There are also many residents said that when they go downstairs to take garbage or take a walk at night, they will always be stared at by several pairs or dozens of pairs of luminous eyes, feeling that they are likely to be attacked at any moment.According to many residents of Shanghai’s residential communities, wild raccoon dogs often walk down stairways like no one is watching, eat cat food after scratching or biting their pets, and even attack humans.Wild raccoon dogs have been spotted in many parts of Shanghai, with more than 5,000 living in more than 150 residential areas, according to Shanghai authorities.Seeing this, I believe many people will wonder who is this raccoon dog that is so fearless and reckless in the face of human beings?Raccoon is a small animal, an ancient member of the canine family, with a thick and short body covered with fluffy hair, white forehead and nose tip, and black eyes. It looks similar to the North American raccoon.It eats a wide range of small animals, birds and wild fruits.The habitat of raccoon dogs is also different. They can live outdoors or in grass, but only in burrows in winter.Raccoon dogs, however, do not burrow. They either find abandoned burrows to live in, or they board in badger burrows.Interestingly, raccoon dogs are able to live together peacefully in one room, even though they are completely different and unrelated to badgers.There are two important factors in this. One is that badgers are burrowing creatures and good-natured.Another factor is that raccoon dogs are smart enough not only to be docile for shelter, but also to court badgers.The wild raccoon dog’s fur is more beautiful and has the function of keeping warm. Therefore, the wild raccoon dog was listed as the second-class protected animal by the state when the number of the wild raccoon dog decreased sharply when the fur was more popular.Strictly speaking, wild raccoon dogs are not an “invasive species” in Shanghai, but an “indigenous” species in the city.Shanghai Zoo captured 40 raccoon dogs between 2015 and 2016, thinking they were from a zoo, only to find out after conducting a sample study that they were all wild animals and belonged to the wild.In other words, racoons have been living close to humans since then, but not in large enough numbers to cause conflicts with humans.It’s just that people underestimate the reproductive capacity of the raccoon dog, which is monogamous, but incredibly fertile.Gestation lasts about 65 days and can produce five to seven pups at a time.Living close to human beings has been to avoid the invasion of natural enemies, coupled with a strong ability to reproduce quickly flooded in Shanghai.In the final analysis, the wild raccoon dogs in Shanghai can be rampant, there is a certain human factor.Biologists say raccoon dogs likely moved closer to humans in the first place because of human feeding.As a result, the small animals, which should be afraid of humans or see that humans will run away, realize that humans will not harm them, and even provide food, and gradually foster people to be unscrupulous towards humans.According to the present has been rampant in Shanghai wild raccoon, experts say want to wild raccoon away from human life, to do three, that is, China, and is not afraid of no water, don’t provide food to wildlife raccoon, including the leftovers in the garbage can of food or leftovers, should be properly handled, the wild raccoon “hungry”;Another is cut off water, dry environment wild raccoon dogs can not stay;Last but not least, residents should not show panic or fear when they see wild raccoon dogs, so that they will not attack humans easily.Experts also said raccoon dogs are nocturnal animals and will not actively attack humans. Once they are scratched or bitten, they should be vaccinated against rabies as they are carriers of the virus, just like stray dogs and cats.