Wu Zun memorial moved to Shanghai one hundred days, Xie Na appeared to attract hot discussion, Wu Zun 8 word response show emotional intelligence

2022-05-27 0 By

Recently, Wu Zun posted an update on his social media platform to commemorate the 100th day since he moved to Shanghai. He said that the 100 days have been very fulfilling since he came back. He felt the Christmas New Year, the Lunar New Year, the Winter Olympics and so on.Since Wu Zun participated in the parent-child variety “Where are We Going, Dad?” and “Dad Is Back” after the old legend Wu Zun again turn red, has been 42 years old Wu Zun not only still has a ridiculous appearance level, there is a palace general luxury mansion, full of vitality and friends often dinner together, making people envy.In the photos posted by Wu Zun, are and circle friends Zou Shiming, Chen Xiaochun and others gathered together, in the photos, the netizens also surprised to see the figure of Xie Na.Since Xie Na jump single disturbance, no matter online and offline are rarely xie Na’s news, this is xie Na disturbance after the first appearance.Photo uproot shayna standing on the left, next to the wu zun daughter photographed together, half crouching beside neinei, looks and neinei relationship is wonderful, many people heard uproot shayna also in the photos, also come together to find uproot shayna, many netizens talk, see how long it took you see uproot shayna, I haven’t found nana, time caused the netizens.Other celebrities and entertainers tend to stay away from the controversy to protect themselves after negative news about an artist, but Wu zun did not.Recently, the incident of Xie Na and his wife’s single jump has been widely publicized on the Internet. Wu Zun could not have heard the news at all. After seeing the comments of netizens, Wu Zun voiced his voice, saying that my wife really appreciates her.Simple 8 words, did not ignore the existence of Xie Na, also did not ignore the controversy of netizens.Praise Xie Na is very good at the same time, gave Xie Na enough face, can say wu Zun’s emotional intelligence is really very high.Star artists generally fade out of the screen after they become popular, but Wu Zun can rely on variety shows to become popular again, emotional intelligence and resources are very important factors.Wu zun living became a prince charming, a lot of human eyes not much gossip career, disregard social married outsider, there are a pair of lovely children, live in luxurious mansion, until life merely and handsome appearance, devoted much gold double high the mainest is also handsome, big men in the novel of also is such.It is said that Wu Zun has already planned to let his children develop in China and receive education in China. His house has already been bought and he must have a long time to develop in China.Although born in Brunei, Wu Zun has a patriotic heart. I wish him a happy life in China.