What Biden feared happened!The Chinese public’s view of the United States began to shift, and the American media detected the crisis

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At present, China can be said to be a world power that no one can ignore, but also because of its outstanding performance in international affairs, the world has a very good impression of China.But the gap between the United States and China on this issue is very obvious.In international affairs, China has been the reconciliation, want as far as possible will issue decrescent, but the United States is not think so, but is the deterioration of the situation, now most of the regional instability in the world has much to do with the United States, American hegemonism and long arm jurisdiction has been thoroughly let all countries in the world.Especially at present, the relationship between China and the United States is in tatters as the United States repeatedly reveals its anti-China tendencies.And the Chinese people’s dislike of the United States is gradually deepening. After all, no one likes a person who keeps making trouble for them.In fact, the United States is more dependent on China’s economic influence for its own economic recovery.In recent days, biden’s fears have come true. The Chinese people’s perception of the US has changed dramatically, and the US media has detected the crisis.According to Us media reports, the Us-China Institute at the University of Southern California has published an article in which relevant data show the changing attitudes of Chinese people in recent years.In 2017, the number of Chinese tourists to the US reached 3.2 million, successfully creating a large value for the US tourism industry, but then in 2019, the number of Chinese tourists to the US reached 2.8 million.In addition, nearly 320,000 Chinese students will study in the United States in the 2020-2021 academic year, down 15 percent from the previous year.At the same time, the number of Chinese immigrants to the United States began to decline.In the article, usC also mentioned a very important poll that found that only 37 percent of Chinese still have a favorable view of the United States, down from 50 percent in 2016.What is driving the Chinese public’s growing dislike of the United States?Believe this, the world’s people are also very clear, after all, in the face of the Biden administration’s crazy behavior, no one can have a good impression of the United States.More importantly, there is serious discrimination against AsiAn-Americans in the US society. After the Trump administration continued to claim the so-called “China threat theory”, the acceptance of Asian-americans in the US society began to decline.So so far, the racial discrimination in American society and the risk of such a status quo have made the United States significantly less attractive to Chinese people.In contrast, China’s domestic security environment has become much more attractive, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, when the dangers of the domestic environment in the United States are prohibitive.Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement please contact to inform.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu