Stick to, only for family reunion

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“Grandpa, we have filled in the information related to epidemic prevention and control for you, and you can go through the security check.”On February 9, the ninth day of the first lunar month, Sun Xinyi, deputy director of the Yushu Airport Branch of the Provincial Public Security Department’s Airport Public Security Bureau, and his colleagues received an elderly man’s request for help. They skillfully filled in the information related to epidemic prevention and control and sent the elderly man to the security checkpoint before continuing their patrol at the airport terminal.Similar situations occur almost every day.The airport public security organ, as the department guarding the airport security of the province, always guards the airport security of the province with loyalty and responsibility.Especially in the peak return after the festival, police officers every day with enthusiasm and pay, moved the passengers.During the Spring Festival, Sun xinyi and his colleagues noticed a young girl crying silently in the baggage transfer office. They asked her and learned that she was a student of a vocational and technical school in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It was her first time to fly home by herself, and she did not know what to do because the flight was cancelled.After understanding the situation, Sun xinyi and his colleagues quickly guided her to handle the refund, assisted her in handling the long-distance bus ticket home, and helped her to take a taxi to the terminal.”Thank you, brother policeman!”The girl finally smiled.”Standing in the cold wind, I felt so warm that I felt like I was on my way home.”Sun xinyi recalled.”Since the launch of the Spring Festival travel rush, ‘white plus black’ and ‘five plus two’ have been the normal work of the airport police.”Sun xinyi said.From the Spring Festival until now, Sun Xinyi and all the auxiliary police of the Public security sub-bureau of Yushu Airport have been sticking to their posts.In Sun Xinyi’s view, the communist wants to rush in front at the critical moment namely.The Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival for family reunion, bears affection and happiness.As an ordinary Chinese, Sun xinyi is also looking forward to this year’s Spring Festival. He has stayed at his post for three consecutive years.He had planned to spend the rest of his days with his family, but considering the severe situation of the epidemic this year, he decided to give up the rest and spent the Spring Festival at his post again.”The most important duty of airport police is to maintain airport security.”Tao Xuebin, director of the airport Public Security Bureau of the provincial Public Security Department, told reporters that during the Spring Festival travel rush, Qinghai Civil Aviation is expected to safeguard 5,192 flights, carrying 440,000 passengers, especially around the Spring Festival holiday, airport security management task is extremely difficult.After the completion of yushu Airport, the number of flights and passenger throughput increased year by year, from more than 100,000 to 350,000, ranking first among the six regional airports in the province, especially during the Spring Festival travel rush.”Only when safety is guaranteed can the Spring Festival travel rush be carried out smoothly.”Sun xinyi said that during this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, they were deployed in accordance with the unified arrangement of the superior, to the jurisdiction of the fire investigation, strict elimination of security risks, highlighting the investigation of the terminal, air traffic control, hotels, VIP rooms, aviation logistics and other key parts.”Boy, can you help me see where I should get on the plane?”Is talking with the reporter, another gray hair of the old man carrying bags to go forward to ask.”You’ll be boarding at Gate A03, right under the front electronic board.”After answering the old man’s question, he took the parcel from the old man’s hand and walked slowly with him.Qinghai Daily (February 10, 2022, 2nd edition: Key news in Qinghai Province) disclaimer: All the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily except the source indicated, and it is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission!