“Focus on key Projects” Yan ‘an East Ring Expressway: Catch up with schedule and schedule to show a new atmosphere in the New Year

2022-05-27 0 By

Yan ‘an East Ring Expressway is a key transportation construction project of Yan ‘an city. Since the construction of a section contracted by Shaanxi Construction Machinery Construction Group, the construction period has been reversed and the wall map has been carried out. During this Spring Festival holiday, workers still stick to their posts to ensure the early completion and opening of the project.Panlong tunnel of east Ring Expressway as the key section of the whole highway, the progress of the project determines the whole construction period of a section, in order to get through as soon as possible, more than 230 workers struggle in the construction line during the Spring Festival, and now add more than 70 workers in time, race against time to grab the construction period.The highway-ring around yanan east panlong tunnel section of the scene Han Kaigang our side is the left line of panlong tunnel, 40 meters have footage, now is the excavation operations and inverted arch steel tie homework, right line has nearly 70 meters, we are currently working on nervous and orderly organization construction, to ensure that the tunnel can smoothly through this year.With the acceleration of panlong tunnel construction, the construction of yan ‘an East Ring expressway, which will be started in 2020, has also entered a full speed up stage.East Yan ‘an Expressway, with a total length of 57 kilometers, will further improve the layout of Yan ‘an expressway network, expand the urban framework, and drive the high-quality development of regional economy.Yan ‘an Rong Media Center reporter Yin Yufeng calls on the distance