Eating chicken regularly can build up toxins in your body and cause cancer?The doctor refuted the rumor for you

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“Mom, buy chicken stew soup tomorrow, the soup you stew is the best to drink!””In the future, you should eat less chicken. Foreign studies have said that eating chicken causes cancer.””Where did you hear that, Mother? Is it true?””How can foreign research be fake?”Chicken has been hit again, the old generation always said that it was hit by hormones, children can not eat more, now come out the “carcinogenic” claim, chicken is really so difficult to eat?Many people are uneasy, this statement is not reliable, what is the truth?Take a look.Does eating chicken Really cause cancer?The study, which was analysed by a team at Oxford University, not only found that chicken was linked to an increased risk of blood cancer and melanoma, it also affected men’s prostate health.The findings, if true, could spark panic among locals about chicken and affect the food industry as a whole.After carefully reading the study, I found that in fact, the study was not rigorous enough. For example, it was conducted for a long time (2006-2014). There were 470,000 respondents in the questionnaire survey, and there were many variable factors.And the study says, “Maybe…The phrase “risk is positively correlated” does not mean eating chicken causes cancer.The study also didn’t say what was in the chicken that caused the increased cancer risk. It could have been fried, for example, or it could have been ultra-processed. It wasn’t the chicken itself that was at fault.What are the nutrients of chicken?Is chicken better or chicken soup better?Chicken in the eyes of the people is good for health, good for the spleen and stomach and qi and blood, can strong bones and muscles, usually the spirit is not very good, the weak person, the family will boil a pot of chicken soup for him, so that its spirit, qi and blood get restored.Explore the nutrition of chicken, mostly vitamin, protein and other beneficial substances, reasonable consumption is of great benefit.However, in eating methods and practices, each region is not quite the same.Some places like to cook soup, a whole chicken in the pot.Some places like fried chicken, cut into pieces, braised in soy sauce, fragrant and cooked.Nutritionally speaking, light cooking is better for preserving nutrients, rather than taxing the body with seasonings.The benefits of eating meat far outweigh the benefits of chicken soup itself.Soup is good to drink, because there is a small amount of nutrients into it, as well as oil and salt seasoning, but itself to eat chicken is to supplement nutrition, health care, or eat chicken more tonic.Even if it contains herbs to help the body, it is not recommended to eat only soup. It is best to eat meat and soup together.How to eat chicken for health after start of Spring?Although spring has begun, but the cold is still not dissipated, the purpose of eating chicken at this time is to improve immunity to reduce colds, promote nutrition absorption.Chicken is tender and delicious, and it is used in various ways to nourish the body, spleen and stomach.For example, morchella chicken soup, with chicken, morchella, dry Huaishan, red dates, longan meat, medlar, ginger and other ingredients boiled, has the effect of improving the respiratory system, stomach digestion.Diabetics can make chicken spring pancakes, prepare several thin spring pancakes, cooked chicken, bamboo shoots, cold spinach, scallion, cucumber, sauce, etc., and eat them together. They can not only supplement protein, but also won’t cause blood sugar to rise too fast, and can replace part of the staple food.There are old people and pregnant women, it is better to stew with hen soup, mild nourishing qi and blood, easy to absorb, if it is kidney Yang deficiency patients, a little chills, easy to fatigue, suitable for eating stir-fried cock, delicious meat and less fat.When eating, pay attention to remove the skin. If you kill chickens, it is best to remove the chicken butt. The tail fat gland inside can not be eaten.People who like to eat chicken viscera should pay attention. If the kidney is not good or uric acid is high, try not to eat more, including chicken gizzard, chicken liver, etc. If you really want to eat chicken heart, it is not a metabolic organ, there is no toxin.In short, as long as the chicken buttocks and lymph are removed during cleaning, there is no need to worry about the accumulation of toxins. Most of the rumors about hormone injections are also not to be believed.The cancer-causing claim lacks evidence and credibility.Besides chicken, other meats can also be eaten, and a balanced diet is better for your health.[1] It is the right time to pay attention to these three kinds of meat in spring.[2] Is chicken soup more nourishing than chicken?[3] Eating chicken increases the risk of cancer, a British expert has claimed.[4] Researchers at Oxford University have found that eating chicken causes cancer.What the hell is going on?Here are 5 tips for healthy chicken eating