Second yuan beautiful little sister “121” sexy blonde little devil

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Second yuan good-looking little sister “121” charming blonde little devil!Miyamoto Frederika, the little devil idol in the Idol Master Cinderella Girl series and its spin-offs.346 Production idol, impression color is rose red.Form a “Lazy Lazy” combination with Ichionoshi seishi.Born in Paris, blond hair, green eyes, 19 years old, born on February 14 (Aquarius), 164cm tall, weight 46kg, measurements 83, 57, 85, type B blood, voice actor Takeno Asami voice.Interest is fashion, nicknamed “French, fufu fufu”.Miyamoto fredreka is a mixed-race beauty born to a French mother, with beautiful blonde hair, who speaks no French (though she often uses French pastries as her killer lines).He may be a dual citizen, but he mentioned that he lived in France and Japan.My mother, a French socialite, fell in love with my father when he visited her for work, and moved to Japan after living in Paris until the age of five.She worked as a flyer model in high school and is now attending a junior high school in Japan, but she rarely goes to school and is actively involved in idol work.Often singing “fu fu fu fu ー fu fu fu ー, she terry card ♪” although not French, but the inherited the French romantic temperament, unique thus formed the small demon general character.She’s full of energy, often teasing other idols and occasionally flirting with producers.Cute point: blond hair, short hair, vitality, half-blood, little devil department although not French, but inherited the French unique romantic temperament, so as to develop the general character of the little devil.Full of energy, often teasing other idols (especially the serious and funny ones) and occasionally flirting with producers.The original stunt was “Imp kiss”, and some of the costumes after the training are also imp themed.5th SSA the second day of the Skin miaotai DJ session, and One of the seto Shiki, Shiomi Kiko three as the little devil group sang “Absolute Privilege Claim!”.Give it a thumbs up if you like