Reading Chen Tuan’s poem “Retreat” has some feeling

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Chen Tuan, styled tunan, styled Fuyao zi, (?989) bozhou Zhenyuan (now Luyi county, Henan) people.Born in the late Tang Dynasty, the five Dynasties and the early Song Taoist.According to legend, he lived 118 years.There is a folk saying that goes, “In the 800th year of Peng Zu, Chen kneaded and slept”, which means that Chen was able to sleep.In the later Tang Changxing (930-933), he lived in seclusion on Huashan mountain.Chen tuan has been walking the world of mortals for ten years.How purple ribbon longitudinal and sleep, although rich than poor.Sad smell sword halberd danger Lord, dull listen to music intoxicate people.Take old books to return to the old hidden, wild flowers sing birds general spring.Purple ribbon: refers to high officials and wealth zhu Door: refers to the rich and noble family high officials and wealth although honour and wealth, but for the official tired than to be a man of idle clouds and wild cranes.With a “sleep” word, to describe the carefree life of seclusion.I echo three of Chen tuan’s poems: a young man’s strange dream is like a cloud of smoke.Temporarily send the world of mortals as passers-by, leisure only like to admire Vatican sound.Two often read Li SAO sigh Qujun, vegetation withered late beauty.Years such as song with a smile to send love landscape bird sound.Sannanda give up the world of mortals love heart, six dust five desire to world body.Dream but for floating clouds, a volume of heart chanting at midnight.The vegetation withered qu Yuan “Li SAO” “but the vegetation scattered” meaning.Late beauty from “Li SAO” “fear the beauty of the twilight” meaning.The five desires and six dust are buddhist terms: the five desires refer to wealth, sex, fame, food and sleep.Six dust refers to color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, method.Color: A buddhist concept equivalent to, but not exclusively referring to, material phenomena.”All shed theory” volume 1: “change hinder reason named color.”Anything that can go bad and get in the way of quality.”Fa” refers to all things and phenomena, including material and spiritual, existent and non-existent, past, present and future, such as “ten thousand fa”, “all fa”, “three kinds of fa” and so on.