Ningde times!Low suction high throw, high success rate after the month

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In the last two years, Ningde Times has sprung up in the secondary market with its stock price rising again and again with a relatively large increase. Together with Kweichow Moutai, ningde Times has become two beautiful flowers in the market and has the title of “King of Ning”.The extraordinary performance of the Ningde era was helped by a tenfold increase in stock prices over the course of two and a half years in the market.Ningde era of outstanding performance is that he’s track is a rapidly rising track, is that it represents a new concept is the concept of, his concept of relatively more, have a lithium battery, tesla, new energy vehicles, energy storage, etc., at the same time, the last two years of his performance is continuing to rise, and rise is larger.It should be said that along with the sharp rise has seriously overdrawn the future stock price expectation of ning De era, future earnings and future growth, the p/E ratio has reached 138 times, which is very rare in industrial enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, and large and medium-sized enterprises, and it is difficult to last for a long time.From the technical point of view, the Ningde era from October to December 2021 constitutes a relatively top state for nearly three months. Now, the market price is still running below the neck. Purely from the technical analysis, the possibility of one-time breakthrough is relatively small.But the latest wave of adjustment, it is relative to other new energy big ticket, is also very resistant to fall, pre-announcement annual report, 21 net profit of more than 15 billion, a year-on-year growth of more than 150%.That’s an impressive growth for a company with such a big plate.From the trend can also be seen, big funds did not abandon this, but also in repeated operations, is also a hedge.Observe the trend seriously recently, drop sharply every time buy, can make money inside a few days come out, although have space of a few points only, but the key is every time low absorb can earn, won’t be deficient.It only takes a few days to earn two or three points for a year’s fixed deposit interest. Isn’t it sweet?Recently, the trend stabilized, low suction high throw more opportunities, a few days before the festival is the next day low suction high throw opportunities, each time not much, but slowly add up.Comprehensive analysis from all aspects, in 2022, the stock price of Ningde era is likely to be continuous sideways or continuous decline.Seek stable friends can focus on the low suction high throw opportunity, repeated arbitrage, until the trend turns weak.Pay attention to these key words: suck low, sell high.His own short – term does not have much space, this kind of trend if you chase up, do reverse, no money can earn.Held two meetings on 4 March, after should fry expected the two sessions, can go out to, see which subjects before February is still track and low valuation of each game, money is here for the flow of stock, ningde times before that will carry water master is indispensable to the market, so we are more simple, the problem of complex when fell tumbled,Be careful with your participation and the success rate will be higher.For more exciting content, come to The financial xiao Zhige