Ganzhou 4 units listed!

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Listed in the first batch of national list!Congratulations ganzhou these 4 units!China Association for Science and Technology (ACSTC) has released a list of the first batch of science popularization and education bases for 2021-2025.Among them, Ganzhou has 4 units on the list.In order to strengthen the construction of science popularization infrastructure and promote the development of national science popularization education bases, in accordance with the Administrative Measures for the Establishment and Identification of National Science Popularization Education Bases, THE China Association for Science and Technology started the identification of national science Popularization Education bases in 2021-2025 in October 2021.After evaluation, 800 units will be identified as the national popular science education base.Among them, gannan Arboreum, Ganzhou Science and Technology Museum, Ganzhou Polar Ocean World, Jiangxi Applied Technology Vocational College and other four bases were selected.It is understood that the national science popularization and education bases are mainly established by institutions in the fields of science and technology, education, culture, health, agriculture, security, natural resources and tourism, which are open to the society and the public and have the function of science popularization and education as demonstration sites.It includes science and technology venues, education, scientific research and major projects, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, enterprises, natural resources and other popular science and education bases.After being evaluated, they shall enjoy the right to carry out popular science activities and enjoy the relevant preferential policies given by the state for public welfare popular science undertakings.Gannan Arboria is located in jieba Township, Chongyi County, southwest of Jiangxi Province. It is the youth science and technology demonstration education base of Jiangxi Province. It was founded in 1976 and consists of 12 peninsulas, covering an area of 8692 mu.The arboretum is divided into six divisions: ginkgo pine and cypress area, Magnolia berberis area, Paulownia ash area, maple rose area, linden willow area, Sycamore acutisque area.More than 1700 species of plants have been planted, and more than 10,000 specimens of waxleaf have been collected. There are more than 1380 species of trees and 52 species of rare and endangered protected plants. It is known as the “Jiangnan Plant gene bank”, which is the transplanting station of tree species from south China to the north.Ganzhou science and Technology Museum is located in Zhangjiang New District cuiwei Road no. 2, officially opened to the public on September 1, 2006, with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan, the whole venue has 18 exhibition areas, 175 exhibits, is a collection of science and technology exhibition, education and training, academic exchanges, interactive entertainment as one of the comprehensive science and technology activities place.There are four main exhibition halls under the whole venue. The first to the fourth exhibition halls are permanent exhibition halls, and the fourth exhibition hall is attached with 4D cinema and celestial Hall.Ganzhou Polar Ocean World is located next to national Road 105, Huangsha ‘ao, Shuixi Town, Zhanggong District. It covers an area of 103 mu and is the largest polar Ocean World in Jiangxi Province.The exhibition showcases more than 300 species of endangered species such as beluga whale, polar bear, dolphin, penguin, sea lion, seal, shark, sea turtle and other national first-class and second-class protected animals such as Chinese sturgeon, Chinese alligator, giant salamander and so on.Jiangxi Applied Technology Vocational College is located in No. 9 Wenfeng Road, Rongjiang New Area. Founded in 1958, jiangxi Institute of Geology, Jiangxi Geological School, Ganzhou Geological School, Southern Industrial School, Jiangxi Applied Technology Vocational College has five development stages.By January 2021, the university covers an area of 1,262 mu, with 486,000 square meters of school space. The total assets of the university are 897 million yuan, and the experimental and training equipment is more than 110 million yuan. The university has a library with a collection of 810,000 volumes.Ganzhou Editor: Guo Xuelian CAI Yijie Editor: Shang Jing Li Shuisheng review: Liu Jian supervision review: Deng Haiming preview tag not included in the topic # a last next statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: