Zhumadian Municipal People’s Government and Henan Investment Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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On February 11th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Zhumadian Municipal People’s Government and Henan Investment Group was held to further deepen strategic cooperation, explore innovative investment and financing modes, promote the rapid development of the project, and inject strong impetus into the construction of modern Zhumadian.Before the signing ceremony, Bao Changyong, Party Secretary of CPC And Li Yueyong, Mayor of Henan Investment Group met with Liu Xinyong, Party Secretary and Chairman of Henan Investment Group, and Yan Wanpeng, Deputy Party Secretary, General Manager and Vice Chairman of Henan Investment Group.BaoChangYong said, in recent years, new era zhumadian adhere to xi jinping the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, earnestly implement the central and provincial party committee, the provincial government to deploy requirements, grasp the new development stage, complete and accurate comprehensive implementation of new development concept, cling to build a new pattern of development of strategic opportunities, bravely rushed, and made a series of symbolic breakthrough.At present, zhumadian is in accordance with the decision and deployment of the provincial and municipal Party Congress, anchor the ‘two guarantees’, implement the’ ten strategies’, to build an ‘international agricultural capital’ and ‘China pharmaceutical Valley’ as the starting point, strive to write a new chapter of modernization, showing vigorous vitality and great potential.Bao changyong said that as a provincial state-owned capital operation company, Henan Investment Group has outstanding advantages in infrastructure construction, strategic emerging industries and other fields.It is hoped that Henan Investment Group will give full play to its advantages in capital, platform and scientific research, carry out comprehensive, systematic and in-depth cooperation with Zhumadian, and help Zhumadian make good use of its agricultural advantages, strengthen its industrial weaknesses, consolidate its industrial foundation, and better contribute to the high-quality economic and social development of Zhumadian.The Municipal Party Committee and municipal Government of Zhumadian will further optimize the business environment, improve the service level, strengthen the guarantee of factors, and promote mutual benefit and common development.Liu Xinyong spoke highly of zhumadian’s achievements in economic and social development in recent years and briefly introduced henan Investment Group.He said that at present, Zhumadian city is changing with each passing day and its economic development is in good shape. The bilateral cooperation has great potential and broad prospects.Henan investment group will give full play to the state-owned capital operating company professional advantages, the use of good capital operation ‘toolkit’, providing good industry planning, talent, capital, consulting service package, to further deepen the comprehensive energy, ecological environmental protection, the digital economy, pension industry cooperation, to make positive contribution to the development of zhumadian high quality.Li Yue-yong said at the signing ceremony that the strategic cooperation is not only a win-win move of resource sharing and complementary advantages, but also a vivid practice of implementing the provincial Party Committee’s concept of ‘project is king’, carrying out the activity of ‘ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises’ and promoting the’ eight deepening ‘.Hope that the two sides to sign this as an opportunity, based on the principle of “sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, adhere to the” with small incision, project operating, QingChanShi management, efficient implementation ‘, let both sides of the complementary advantages into full play, let fall a cooperation agreement as soon as possible, to deeper, wider field, a higher level.The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government will, as always, support Henan Investment Group’s investment and development in Zhumadian, and work together to write a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win situation.It is understood that the two sides will focus on the strategic cooperation ‘carbon peak carbon neutral, promote green energy transformation’, ‘promote the development of gas industry, speed up the transformation of energy structure,’ ‘do best and stronger environmental protection industry, the building beautiful and harmonious zhumadian’ ‘structures, information integration platform, promote urban construction and economic development of digital’ wisdom ‘strengthening cooperation in the field of manufacturing,Promoting industrial quality upgrading, strengthening modern service industry, building a new engine for economic development, resolving financial risks, optimizing local financial environment and carrying out all-round, multi-field, deep-level and multi-project cooperation will certainly add strong impetus to the high-quality development of Zhumadian.Source: Zhumadian Broadcasting Network.