The indestructible caterer!After three shutdowns, “Zhengzhou’s worst hot pot restaurant” reopened

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Can’t beat the catering people, can’t beat the trillion market!Through the “zhengzhou most miserable hot pot restaurant” inspirational story, a glimpse of the catering people’s bitterness, tenacity and indomitable.This article is originally published by red food net. The author is He Peiling.A hot pot restaurant in Zhengzhou, Henan province, has recently resumed serving customers, attracting a large number of netizens’ attention.Since last year, by the flood situation, the continuous impact of the epidemic, the store only opened for half a year on the twists and turns, before and after three times of business, hundreds of thousands of losses, was dubbed by netizens as “Zhengzhou’s worst hot pot restaurant.”On February 7th, the hot pot restaurant reopened after being closed for nearly a month.It has doggedly survived and enjoyed a rebound in traffic after the Spring Festival.Jia Dongming, owner of the store, said in an optimistic interview, “Even if we don’t encounter floods, we may encounter other obstacles.Nothing is plain sailing in business, we must be optimistic.You have to accept that this is the situation, problems come and solve problems, difficulties come and solve problems.””It’s not easy in the same industry or in different industries, and it’s more or less affected to different degrees.Our store is just a microcosm.”All of a sudden, the bitterness, tenacity and indomitability of the caterers are concentrated into the ups and downs of this shop, which has aroused the resonance of countless caterers.According to the red Food network, In June 2021, Jia Dongming rented a storefront to open the hot pot restaurant, with a monthly rent of 30,000 yuan.In July, the hot pot restaurant began a soft opening.Two days later, however, they were hit by the worst storm in Zhengzhou in 100 years, and Jia’s hot pot restaurant closed for the first time.On July 26, the store reopened after the storm had passed.However, a few days later, on August 1, the epidemic began to appear in Zhengzhou.Jia’s hot pot restaurant has been closed for a second time for a month in response to requests for epidemic prevention and control.According to Jia Dongming, although midway stores have resumed operations, but customers are scarce, business is bleak.In order to attract customers, he launched a “fracture level” promotion coupons with a discount of 30 to 40 percent. He thought that even if he sold a pot or lost a pot, as long as he could attract customers, there was still hope.But the cost of rent, staff and food is weighing on the store like a mountain.At this time, shareholders put forward to withdraw shares, cash flow problems immediately make hot pot restaurant worse.Jia Dongming’s hot pot restaurant came close to shutting down altogether.But the landlord reduced the rent appropriately, and let the shop get breathing space.By early November, the restaurant had accumulated losses of more than 700,000 yuan.Jia Dongming clenched his teeth after a few months, the whole store ready to meet the end of the consumer season.As a result, in early January 2022, the epidemic broke out again in Zhengzhou, and restaurants in the prevention area banned in-house eating. Unfortunately, Jia Dongming’s hot pot restaurant was among them and closed for the third time…On the day he received the no-eating notice, Mr. Jia handed out the remaining meat and vegetables to his employees and hastily closed the store.A few days later, he took out a poster of his own design, announcing the suspension of business, and in 11 lines wrote out his bitterness over the past six months.”June 10, signed the contract decoration;July 18th, soft opening;On July 20, it was closed due to floods;Business resumed on July 26;On August 1, the outbreak was reported and the business was suspended.On September 3, business resumed;In September, business was depressed due to the epidemic.October, hard management, a little improvement;On November 1, another outbreak was reported.In December, business picked up;On January 3, zhengzhou reported another outbreak and was told to stop eating and suspend business.”After the poster was posted, it was taken by someone who wanted to take photos. It was widely spread through platforms such as Douyin and Weibo, attracting the attention of numerous netizens.Then, Jia Dongming’s hot pot restaurant was dubbed “Zhengzhou’s worst hot pot restaurant”, and also received a lot of warm encouragement: “Zhengzhou people 2021 is too difficult”, “restaurants are not easy, and so on after the epidemic must go to support”…It is understood that after the hot pot restaurant became popular unexpectedly, it soon attracted the media.In an interview with the media, Jia Dongming stressed more than once – these two years are not easy for the catering industry, but he still has the confidence to do it, never thought of giving up.A few days ago, after the store reopened, Jia Dongming said in an interview with the media, “Maybe netizens feel sad when they see our situation.But I feel that I am not the worst, there may be worse than us.The same industry, different industries are not easy, more or less are affected by different degrees, our store is just a miniature.”Indeed, Jia Dongming’s small hotpot restaurant is the epitome of countless catering professionals over the past two years.In 2020, the epidemic was raging, and the catering industry was hit hard. The annual income of the national catering industry shrank sharply to 395.27 billion yuan, down 16.6% year on year.Bankruptcy, bankruptcy, capital chain fracture…A large number of stores did not survive, a large number of catering people tearful exit.In 2021, the epidemic prevention and control is becoming normal. Despite the effective efforts of medical staff and epidemic prevention workers in different parts of the country, the novel Coronavirus with constant variations still casts a shadow on the catering industry from time to time.Potential epidemic risk, rising rent, manpower, raw material costs, reverse slide passenger flow, the formation of a two-way pressure, as a “magic trap” general, enveloped, depressed catering people, whether head, waist or tail catering, are inevitable.In November, Haidilao announced it would close 300 stores by New Year’s Day 2022.Tea yanyue, an online celebrity in the tea industry, was also reported to have temporarily closed 87 stores in Changsha.Xiabu Xiabu, Le Le Tea followed the closure of some stores.Timely stop loss is not the worst, because the people who can not carry already left.According to relevant data, the number of restaurants in the catering industry will close in one million in 2021.Donghai Tang, a famous bakery brand with a history of 26 years in Guangzhou, New Elements with a history of 19 years in Shanghai, and Jinniu Jiao Wang, a western food brand with a history of many years in Changsha, will all make their final appearance in 2021 forever.Are caterers afraid of such a harsh environment?Don’t.We clearly see that more and more catering people like Jia Dongming stand out.They don’t give up, don’t give up, find solutions to problems, optimistic and positive.For example, in August 2021, the epidemic recurred in Jiangsu, and restaurants in various cities suffered different degrees of blow. After the subsequent opening of the restaurant, the overall recovery is not ideal. Under this situation, although the restaurant people in Jiangsu are anxious and helpless, they have been actively trying to cope with it, which is admirable.Then there are the caterers in Harbin and Chengdu, who have been hit by multiple outbreaks and are crying in empty streets while saving their lives through takeout, take-out and mini programs.The past two years must have been difficult for the caterers. At the most difficult time, many caterers may have thought about giving up and retreating, but as long as they see a glimmer of light, they often stand up and move forward with tenacity!The catering people who can not be defeated also created a trillion market that can not be defeated.Not long ago, the Chinese Cuisine Association released the “2021 Chinese catering market analysis and 2022 Market outlook forecast” report, several data “from negative to positive” quite eye-catching: in 2021, the national catering revenue of 4.6895 billion yuan, compared with the previous year from negative to positive growth of 18.6%.Online catering revenue reached 1.043.4 billion yuan, breaking the trillion mark for the first time, with a year-on-year growth rate of 23.5%.The national per capita consumption of food and beverage 3,320 yuan, year-on-year growth from negative to positive 18.6 percent.The growth rate of the catering market in all provinces and regions of China changed from negative growth in 2020 to positive growth at the beginning of the epidemic.The scale of catering in Guangdong, Sichuan and Zhejiang provinces is close to or has basically recovered to the pre-epidemic level.Nationally, although the growth rate and development momentum of the catering industry have slowed down significantly due to the flood situation, epidemic and other factors, the overall recovery trend remains unchanged.And the just past Spring Festival is to the catering industry injected a dose of “shot in the arm”, New Year’s Eve dinner takeout, prepared dishes and other courses become a new hot spot.Opportunities always coexist with crises.However, opportunities always come to those who are prepared.After two years full of unstable factors, consumers’ consumption ability, consumption preferences, consumption scenes have quietly changed, and catering people can do is to firm belief, grasp the direction, with the trend, solid basic skills.As “Zhengzhou’s most miserable hot pot restaurant” boss said, now is still not the time to throw in the towel, sometimes twists and turns are equal to the peak of a turnaround, often occurs in the end.Winter has not passed, but spring may not be far away, and all the catering people together!