New Year New Year car shopping festival

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Following the hot launch of M6 PRO on May 1 this year, trumpchee’s M6 family has formed the strength combination of M6 PRO+M6, covering the price range of 109,800 yuan to 159,800 yuan. With the flexible large space and comfortable and smooth driving experience, trumpchee has won the favor of thousands of families. At the same time, we also continue to listen to users’ feedback and opinions.M6 PRO 6 AT the gearbox version brings new love and trust AT luxury version, version AT honour enjoy two models to further enrich the kei M6 PRO products choose more diversified to meet the dynamic aggregate demand for users to bring great dynamic total travel experience low mature oil consumption + to add a Buff for happiness since this year, the kei MPV models has been a steady rise in sales so far,Trumpchi M8&M6 accumulative sales reached 260,000 units. Trumpchi M6 as a new benchmark for quality of 100,000-150,000 class has been highly praised since its launchPRO on the market in the first month of orders that broke 6000 this time on the new version of the 6AT will also provide users with more travel options new derived with high combustion 1.5TGDI direct injection motor with the latest 6AT automatic transmission technology mature,Fast response after continuous adjustment and optimization of 100 km fuel consumption as low as 6.8L regardless of the face of the commute or the journey of a variety of complex road conditions M6 PRO can easily solve the type of family dynamic travel M6PRO big grille using swagger through the arrow feather line type design, light and grille trim form “exhibition wing” subject lines extending more natural, move feeling, more show strong domineering matrix LED headlamps designed, the modernism to shatter all 17 inches of new cutting wheel hub modeling, horizontal tail light through type layout design of integrated vehicle quality are greatly enhance performance and aesthetic perfect harmonyHappy together with seven mouth jia’s large “magic space” ring powder countless rely on not the acrobatic but solid kung fu trumpchi M6PRO continues the advantage of large space vehicle width 1837mm, high 1730mm, wheelbase 2810mm superclass space design provides a more generous space for the ride with ergonomic fully fit comfortable seats will be completely flat two rows of seats can be opened in a flash “lie down” mode to enjoy the rest of the travel time is not only can carry people,Outfit physical skills also leverage the car is equipped with 1100 l super magic luggage space family outing, daily shopping is no longer sad technology sufficiently close to travel to ease in intelligent science and technology of whole vehicle USES the one-piece design 7 inch LCD screen + 10.25 inch screen control extremely rich sense of science and technology into an organic whole repeatedly, and the future are also added huawei HiCAR system inside the car a certification,Lifelong automatically connected wirelessly, easily wipe out the cable trouble bring more convenience, more intimate driving experience so surprise not preach kei M6 PRO also focus on upgrading the 10 all-around ADAS auxiliary driving make travel easier, let more reliable safety listed so far, the kei M6 has become more than 100000 users choose happiness in August this year,Trumpchi M6 has won the J.D. Power glamour value medium-sized MPV ranking NO.1 to become one of the most attractive models in the minds of consumers to provide users with a richer car experience now, Trumpchi plus push 6AT transmission Power version interested in the tie juice can seize the time to the shop experience!