Minle county on the launch of “uncivilized behavior public exposure” announcement

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In order to further play the role of media and social supervision, enhance citizens’ civilized literacy, and boost our county to a new level of national civilized city construction, we decided to carry out the activity of “uncivilized behavior public exposure” throughout the county.(1) Public exposure of problems existing in urban management 1. The management of city appearance and appearance is not in place, and there is dirt and disorder;2. Shop outlet business, road occupation business, road occupation construction;3. Market operators do not maintain public environmental hygiene and do not clean up stores and individuals in the public health area in front of the door according to the provisions of “five bags in front of the door”;4. The muck truck does not cover, overload, exceed the limit operation, along the spilled drip;5. Indiscriminately pasting graffiti, pasting small advertisements, affecting civilized city appearance environment;6. The operating entity of the catering service industry does not clean kitchen waste according to regulations and dumps waste water and waste at will;7. All units fail to perform their duties in the city creation work, do nothing or act in disorder;8. Enterprises and individuals producing and selling fake and inferior products or products that do not conform to the standards prescribed by the State.(2) Public exposure of uncivilized behaviors of citizens 1. Pedestrians jaywalking, running red lights, not walking on sidewalks or zebra crossings, jumping over isolation railings and other problems;2. The vehicle makes a u-turn, stops and leans randomly, forcibly adds lane change, and throws objects from the window;3. Vehicles do not yield to pedestrians in front of zebra crossings;4. Motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles are parked indiscriminately without orientation or positioning;5. Throwing confetti, dirty water and spitting in public places;6. Smoking or littering cigarette butts in non-smoking areas in public places;7. Those who do not observe public order, jump the queue, or disturb the order;8. Uncivilized use of shared bikes, failing to safely drive tricycles, four-wheelers, electric motorcycles, etc.;9. Destroying public service advertisements and municipal facilities, trample flowers and plants, and destroy trees;10. Those who do not cooperate with the persuasion of epidemic prevention and control workers and community volunteers.(3) Publicly exposing uncivilized acts of changing customs and customs in rural areas 1.2. Dumping domestic garbage, discharging domestic sewage, and putting sundry things in disorder;3. Burning straw, plastic and garbage, affecting air quality;4. Livestock and poultry waste piled up randomly, affecting the lives of nearby residents;5. Occupying public roads, public lands and fire escapes, and building them in disorder;6. Poor environmental sanitation in the village and inadequate performance of territorial responsibilities.Xiangrong Media Center will arrange reporters to collect information on uncivilized behavior through dark photography, interviews, street photography, etc.County public Security Bureau, county county law enforcement Bureau, county market supervision bureau and other departments found in the process of law enforcement inspection, tendentious, warning, educational significance of the typical case, transferred to the county chucheng Office, after review to be exposed.At the same time, the general public is encouraged to actively participate in the activity of “uncivilized behavior public exposure”, and the public can use mobile phones, cameras, DV, vehicle data recorder and other equipment to carry out “random shooting”.3. Material requirements: The filming material should be objective and true. The subject of uncivilized behavior is personal, and the process of uncivilized behavior should be clearly filmed.If the subject of uncivilized behavior is an enterprise or shop, the logo of the enterprise or shop should be clearly photographed.If the subject of uncivilized behavior is a vehicle, its characteristics, license plate and uncivilized behavior process should be clearly photographed.The footage should be marked with “picture or video + time, place and phenomenon of uncivilized behavior + contact information of the photographer” and sent to mlbwmxw@163.com. Contact information: 0936-4232291.Exposing uncivilized behavior is a way to educate and guide the masses to consciously abide by social morality, enhance the consciousness of civilization and advocate good moral fashion.At the same time, we welcome the public to actively participate in the “casual photos”, support the “Public exposure of uncivilized Behavior” activity, be the advocate, demonstration, leader of civilized behavior, and make a positive contribution to the building of a civilized city nationwide.Publicity Department of Folk Music County Committee of the Communist Party of China Folk Music County Rong Media Center Folk music County Civilization Office Folk music County City Creation Office April 8, 2022