How big is the difference between morning and evening skin care?After understanding, just understand, the gap is so obvious!

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Girls like skin care, is to love life, love their performance.Everyone wants to be younger for longer, but this is no longer the time for a skincare product that can be applied all over the body.The development of skin care products not only subdivides skin quality, efficacy, season and even sooner or later.This is due to different skin types and lifestyles, but to keep your skin looking good, it’s important to pay attention to the details, like what’s the difference between morning and night?After understanding, only to find the gap so obvious.The first thing to know is that skin is really different in the morning and evening.The morning skin has been nourished and moisturized all night, so it is in good shape, but after a day of exposure to the sun and dust, moisture loss, and it is very different from the night.There is no burden on the skin after removing makeup at night.Combined with the nourishment of skin care products and self-metabolism at night, the self-repair effect is very good.Both daytime stimulation and self-cell regeneration can only be shown at night.Therefore, it is enough for friends to hydrate, moisturize and protect themselves from the sun in the morning.Keeping your skin hydrated is also the best antioxidant and anti-aging solution, and the evening is the best time to take care of your skin.When cleaning in the morning, if the skin is not oily, it is best to wash your face with water, and after sleeping with oily partners, you can use mild oil control cleanser or cleanser to clean, but after washing off excess oil, be sure to remember to add moisture to the skin.If you’re a night owl, it’s easy to wake up with edema and even dark circles around your eyes.Therefore, regular use of eye cream products or eye massage can also avoid the formation of dark circles, but it is best to keep a good habit of work and rest.If you often wear heavy makeup, it is recommended to wash it again with facial cleanser after removing makeup, or wet skin toner to clean pores twice to ensure smooth skin pores. Remember that after 11:00 PM is the best time for self-regulation of skin care, and whether the essence of skin care products can be fully absorbed is this time.Many people have more or less sensitive skin as a result of frequent use of functional skin care products.Therefore, it is recommended to use this restorative Acme cream at night to replenish cell activity and enhance skin protection barrier.This cream can promote the skin metabolism, shorten the cycle, has a very good moisturizing effect, for the repair of damaged skin can get twice the result with half the effort.This is also li Jiaqi recommended many good products, cheap price is very easy to use.The texture is moist and mild, and although the cream is a Korean skin care product, it is cheaper than many domestic products.It is very popular in Korea because it can repair damaged skin and prevent sensitivity. It is skin-friendly and non-greasy and keeps skin hydrated and delicate.This cream is also part of the season and skin, even after applying the feeling of penetration, do not worry about the burden of using.It can form an effective water-locking film on the skin, improve dark and rough skin quality, and also have a good brightening effect on yellowing and uneven skin color.The price is cheap, the effect is excellent, the use effect is not lost, it is really worth getting!