Deep in Yanshan lies a group of “coal River” guardians

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This article was transferred from;Just after the start of Spring, the reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Network, along with the staff of China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., LTD., set out from Datong city, Shanxi Province, drove two hours to zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, Yangyuan County at the foot of yanshan Mountain.Along the winding mountain road all the way up, came to the Daqin line working conditions of the most difficult line workshop – Wangjiawan line workshop.This is a quiet small courtyard located in the middle of the mountain. During the Spring Festival this year, the workers here stood firm on the mountain and guarded the continuous “coal river” on the Daqin Railway.At 7 o ‘clock in the morning, Wang Zhiming, a young worker of Wangjiawan line workshop, came to the tool room after breakfast to check the tools needed for daily work.Yardstick, hammer, record book…Do not look down upon these tools, the same daily check line can not be left behind.Seeing that the handle of the shovel beside him was a little loose, he tightened it;Then tried the bolt machine, a pull string machine beep ring, he just rest assured.Daqin Railway is China’s first double – line electrified heavy – haul coal special line.Wang Zhiming told the reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Net that since 1988, wangjiawan Line workshop has always been responsible for the maintenance of the 56km line in the most dangerous section of the Daqin Line.Bridges and tunnels account for 82 percent of the plant’s total line, as well as 12 percent of its long ramps.”This road can’t be accessed by large road maintenance machinery,” Says Wang Zhiming. “It almost has to be maintained manually.”At 10 a.m., the dispatch order was issued, and Wang and his fellow workers entered the tunnel with six “new recruits,” all of whom graduated from school last year.Inside the tunnel, it was dark. Even with headlights, visibility was limited to five meters and there was no circulation.In the process of maintenance when there is a train, Wang Zhiming will call everyone into the car escape hole in advance.It’s hard to breathe and hard to keep your eyes open in the semi-enclosed environment of the trains whizzing past.When the train passed, the faces of yan Pengfei, a “new recruit”, and his workmates were covered with a thick layer of soot.When yan first saw him like this, he couldn’t help taking a selfie and sending it to his friends. “Everyone said I looked like a miner down a well, not a railway worker,” he said.Since the beginning of winter last year, the power coal protection and supply volume of Daqin Line increased, and the maintenance pressure of Wangjiawan line workshop increased with the density of heavy load traffic.Workshop party general branch secretary Fan Xiangyang told reporters that whenever there is a heavy train through Wangjiawan, often at the same time twisted out of three or four curves, seven or eight ups and downs, the height of the front and rear can exceed 10 floors.”If a young heavy-duty driver can safely and smoothly pass our section, he is certainly qualified, but it also poses a serious challenge to our maintenance.”Due to the impact of fast-moving vehicles on the rails, in addition to daily inspection, railway departments regularly set up “skylight point” (construction and maintenance time — reporter’s note) to maintain the line.In the past, wangjiawan line workshop has an average of 9 “skylight points” every month.As the pressure of power coal supply increases, there are only 3 skylights in a month.”There is less time for maintenance, but there is more potential for damage to the line, which increases our pressure.””Fan xiangyang said.To ensure the safety of train transport, Wang Zhiming did not go home for more than half a month.Every time he gets back to his home in Datong, Shanxi Province, he has to go from car to train to car.Wang zhiming said that during the Spring Festival call home, the most afraid is the child to ask “dad when will you come back”.But he does not feel bitter, “this is all should, compared to the old generation of Wangjiawan people in the past, now the conditions have been much better.”When wangjiawan line workshop was just established, the working environment was much more difficult than now.”Two mountains and a bridge, no birds in the sky, the wind blows stones away, draw water under the river bailing” is the local people’s ridicule of the previous living environment.Fan xiangyang recalled that at the beginning, it was difficult for employees to draw water. Three donkeys died just pulling water.There is no communication, no people, you can hardly see your family for weeks, sometimes the mountains are covered by snow, you have to walk for hours to the nearest town, take a village bus and then go back to the city by train.In recent years, after continuous construction, the living environment of Wangjiawan line workshop has changed greatly.”When I first came here, I thought about leaving, but as I got to know wangjiawan workshop, I gradually fell in love with it.”Every time he heard the old masters tell stories of the past, Li Tieming always felt overwhelmed.On the hillside winding steel dragon shuttle in the Yanshan Mountains, the hillside next to the small yard of the workshop inlaid with “Stick to” two characters, which were made by the workers of the workshop with stones.Du Hongxin was the only undergraduate among six young people who came to wangjiawan Line workshop last year.He chose to stay here, despite his initial misfits.”Young people should go to the frontline and the most difficult places to hone their skills, and I believe they can shine in any post.”Du hongxin said.It is with the silent adherence of generations of Wangjiawan people, Wangjiawan line workshop has achieved 33 consecutive years of safe production without accidents proud results.”This is inseparable from generation after generation of Wangjiawan people quietly adhere to and pay, they stick to the Daqin line like a spike.””Fan xiangyang said.