Why didn’t you help out?Ask left hand, and left hand’s reply let a person surprise!

2022-05-24 0 By

Recently, while chatting with Left Hand, 369 asked what many viewers were curious about, which was the story of Casa spraying 369 in the documentary.At the time, Casa said that the 369 hand Jez and cask were so bad that the strong version of Nall could not play.When 369 retorted, Casa spat even more.In addition to Casa, other people are also saying that 369 has various problems, the result was that the left hand did not stand up for 369, did not step on 369 action.In view of this matter, 369 asked out when chatting, he asked the left hand at that time want to help him talk?Or do you want to step on his toes?Then the left hand saw 369 so ask, quick reply said at that time certainly want to help speak of, but finally still silent.See left hand this attitude, 369 directly said: that why not say?Unfortunately, I don’t even speak for my brothers.Left hand for 369 of the problem said do not know how to say this, when he did not have words, and then said at that time do not know what to say can save 369, because he was gathered fire, at the same time because they are afraid to eat AOE, to avoid everyone spray strong period, so this is the left hand did not stand out to save 369 reasons.It can be seen from this incident that 369 regards his left hand as a good friend, but his left hand seems to be a little timid and dare not stand up for his friends.And 369 asked such questions after he came to JDG, which can be seen that this matter has been hidden in 369’s heart for a long time, but he has not said it out.If the result of JDG is not good, I am afraid 369 would not dare to ask the left hand.It is because now TES results are not good, plus 369 play well, he just dare to ask so left hand, also not afraid of being under fire.Overall, 369’s expectations for the left hand are pretty high, but it certainly doesn’t seem like a friend thing to do.If Left hand had stood up for 369, Casa and others certainly would not have continued to spray 369, but in order to save his life, to protect himself from being sprayed, finally chose to remain silent.In the end, left hand also knows that he has problems and 369 is not the person with the biggest problems. However, in order to let others ignore his problems, he chooses to let others continue to pay attention to 369 in a silent way, without looking for various problems and reasons on his own body.In other words, 369 had hoped that his left hand would come out to help him, but it didn’t, which disappointed 369.Later, when 369 and Left hand went to BLG for trial training, 369 was ready to sign the contract, but finally chose to leave BLG and join JDG when JDG offered an olive branch.At that time, many audiences did not understand, thinking that 369 abandoned his left hand and did not want to play brother league with his left hand. But now, it seems that 369 went to JDG for a big reason, because he wanted to show his left hand that he could be independent, instead of lying flat all the time.Now 369’s stable performance proved that TES did have problems at that time. This problem certainly did not come from 369 itself, but other players led to the mentality problems of 369, so there were various mistakes in technology and line.Now 369 take the initiative to ask the left hand about not to help yourself before this matter, in fact, 369 want to know an answer, so that their mentality can become better, not because of this matter, even suppress in the heart, has been difficult to retire also failed to let go!