Don’t panic!Spring Festival walk friends and relatives “gossip” essential guide

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Visiting relatives during the Spring Festival is a bond of contact between relatives, and it is also a custom passed down from generation to generation in our people.But there are always those relatives who ask about your privacy.”Why aren’t you married yet?””How’s the work? How much do you pay?””How much have you saved?Have you bought a house yet?Have you bought a car?”Er…That’s a mean mouth.I believe you will see similar jokes when you brush Douyin recently.It’s nice to see the other person go right back at you.But in practice, because of the definition of upbringing, it is not so easy.Answer directly, reluctantly;Ignore it, relatives will think you are rude;This is really a big problem during the New Year.Fortunately, “eat” this action, can “block” relatives of poison tongue.Delicious food, make your relatives “drool three thousand feet” authentic Northeast cuisine chicken braised with mushrooms, the chicken is smooth and tender, the soup is delicious;The tender and smooth steamed sea bass with the sweetness of rice wine and the aroma of soy sauce;And roast lamb chops with charred outside and rotten meat inside…Every dish will make your relatives’ mouths water.Add water to the chicken pot and blanch the chicken pieces for two minutes before putting them on a plate.Heat oil in a wok, add star anise, scallion and ginger slices until fragrant, add chicken pieces, and stir-fry until the skin turns yellow.Put in soy sauce and stir fry to color, add cooking wine and boiling water, add hazel mushrooms and chicken pieces, add sugar, salt, chicken powder, dried pepper, dark soy sauce, simmer for 40 minutes, add pepper and coriander.Note: Ytian S8S steam and bake independent integrated stove top, national level energy efficiency, fire fierce, small fire steady, gas consumption.Wash the sea bass, cut the knife on both sides, rub the surface of the sea bass with salt, marinate for 20 minutes.Rub the fish with salt, put the green onion and ginger on the sea bass, pour 1 teaspoon cooking wine.Add a spoonful of lard to the marinated fish and put it into the steaming box of etian S8S independent integrated oven for steaming and baking. Start with one key and the delicious food will be locked out of the pot.Remove shallots and ginger, pour in 2 tablespoons of steamed fish soy sauce, add chopped shallots.Heat oil in a separate wok and pour over shallots. Garnish with cilantro and red pepper rings.Note: Put it into the steaming box at the lower left side of ytian S8S steaming and baking independent integrated cooker. The 48L large capacity steaming box can handle a large table at one time, and the nutrition and delicious food will not be lost.Cut the lamb chops into strips and soak them in cold water for an hour to soak out as much blood as possible.Drain and add white wine, crushed black pepper, garlic, salt, rosemary and onion. Wrap in clingfilm and refrigerate for at least 2 hours to taste.Peel the carrots, cut the color pepper into small pieces, cut the potatoes into shreds, and lay the mutton on the baking tray with tin foil. Put a little shredded onion on the cut color pepper and carrot into the previously marinated mutton chops, and put them into the oven of Yitian S8S steam baking independent integrated stove. Start with one key, tender and juicy.Note: Put it into the oven at the lower right side of the etian S8S steam and bake independent integrated oven, with 8 professional baking modes, you can show your skill even with zero cooking skills.Your relatives couldn’t believe it. How could you cook a delicious meal in such a short time?Unbeknownst to them, you quietly installed the Etian S8S steam and baking independent integrated stove in your kitchen.This integrated stove is designed with a 7-inch LCD screen on the top. There are 67 built-in recipes in the system. In daily use, you only need to choose the corresponding dishes in the intelligent menu, start steaming/oven, and then wait for the delicious dishes to come out.One button to start, xiao Bai can become a chef in seconds.Integrated kitchen, it is cooking small white advanced on the necessary kitchen artifact.Some of your relatives chase you around asking personal questions before you eat.After dinner, some of your relatives chase you for advice on how to eat.See, people are so weird.Food is the life of the people, and who can resist its temptation?Use delicious food to “block” the broken mouth of some relatives, use kitchen black technology integration kitchen to show the strength of a show oneself, let this year, live more interesting.The first month at home to entertain relatives, with yitian S8S steam baking independent integrated stove to block some relatives broken mouth.