Taiwan artist Bago passed away!She was 67. She starred in “Temptation to Go Home.

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On February 16, according to Taiwan media, veteran entertainer Bago died of pancreatic cancer in Linkou Changge Hospital at the age of 67. Ji Baoru, secretary general of Taiwan Quality Life Association, has just confirmed this news, and said that bago is dealing with the future.Bago, a two-time Golden Bell winner, starred in “The Distance between Us and Evil” and played the mysterious character Jinbike in “Terminal Class.”His unforgettable role as Lin Pinru’s father in Temptation to Go Home quickly became a hit.It can be said that Bago’s life has been devoted to acting. Since his debut at the age of eight, he has acted in numerous films and television works, until he was suffering from illness and gave up acting recently.In his hospital bed, Bago’s mood is very optimistic, this year of the tiger with his wife and children, Bago never showed panic about death.He once called his old friend Yang Guanglin and talked about going to sea together when he was well. He also said that he was very happy when his son and daughter came back from the United States.The night before Bago died, he tried to call Yang again, but Yang’s phone happened to be turned off and he did not receive bago’s last call.That night, Bago wanted to whisper something to Yang Guanglin, no one knows, perhaps to ask him to help take care of his wife and children.After learning the news of the death of Bago, many insiders have felt sorry, female host Fang Fangfang said a few years ago also called him, do not want to actually leave so, in his impression he has been like a big brother!Yingcai’s father Ding Han is issued a statement of condolence said: “the elder brother of the art circle, the elder brother of the charity circle, the eternal Bago brother, all the way, Sir, fairy walk, walk to fairyland”!There are also many actors have expressed hard to accept this news, although bago in the mainland many people do not know him, but his popularity is good to say, otherwise how could there be so many people to hear this news sad!The dead, the living so!