Shijiazhuang: the fire merciless people sentient donation warm the heart of poverty alleviation households

2022-05-23 0 By

“Thank you so much. Your money has helped us a lot.”On January 27, Yan Shuangxue, a poverty-stricken farmer in Sunjiazhuang village, Lingshou County, shijiazhuang, said to Duan Zhiqiang, the leader of the rural revitalization task force in the village.A few days ago, yan shuangxue’s home was caught in a fire. Donations from the rural revitalization Task Force in the village and the market Supervision Administration of Xinhua District in Shijiazhuang, a pair of supporting units, helped yan Shuangxue’s family out of urgent need.At 9:00 PM on January 25th, yan Shuangxue, a poor family in Sunjiazhuang village, Dog Tai township, Lingshou County, unfortunately suffered a fire, which destroyed clothes, quilts, some furniture appliances and daily necessities, but fortunately there were no casualties.On the night of the fire, the rural revitalization task force in the village rushed to Yan’s home. Duan and two other members donated 1,000 yuan immediately after hearing that all the new clothes they had bought for the children had been burned.On the second day, the market Supervision Administration of Xinhua District, Shishi City, a pair of supporting units, actively organized relief operations after receiving the report from the village team.Cao Manqing, yan Shuangxue’s pair helper, immediately transferred 300 yuan to Yan Shuangxue for buying quilts, and yan Shuangxue’s family was covered with new quilts that night.Under the leadership of the bureau, the bureau raised 5,000 yuan to comfort Yan Shuangxue on the same day to help them tide over the difficulties.On January 27, all donations were transferred to Yan shuangxue’s home.(Yandu Rong Media reporter Lu Weili)