Look out for each other!”Warm pericardium” warms frontline epidemic prevention personnel

2022-05-23 0 By

Help each other and work together to fight the epidemic.”Warm pericardial packets” containing mineral water, milk and instant noodles prepared by Wudalianchi city for frontline epidemic prevention workers have arrived in Heihe and are being distributed one after another.Before the departure of the truck, at the gate of the warehouse of Beidahuang Wudalianchi Mineral Water Co., LTD., more than 10 staff members are sorting and transporting materials to the truck in a tense and orderly manner according to the division of responsibilities.In recent days, the Wudalianchi Municipal Party Committee and government took active actions and organized quickly to send the warmth and love of the people of Wudalianchi to the front line of the fight against the epidemic.Legal Adviser: Huahaiwei (Heilongjiang Borderland Law Firm)